• The Next Normal – Do We Just Get On With It?

    How is ‘the next normal’ looking for you?  As the lockdown rules change in the UK, how do you feel about the next few months?  Are you stuck?  What have you changed in your business model? Are you sick of video calls yet?  This week I want to share about how three months of COVID […]

  • How To Get Going with the 12-Week Year Plan.

    Planning Your Business 12 Weeks at a Time With the summer months approaching Christmas is probably the furthest thing from most people‚Äôs minds. If you are hoping to build your current coworking space, or start a new one, now is the time to start looking towards the end of the year so 2021 can be […]

  • How to outrun anxiety and make the most of lock-down time

    Something clicked when lockdown began. It was the start of the next ‘12 Week Year‘ segment, I’m standing in my broom cupboard office in Mainyard not sure what is going on. And the anxiety sets in before anyone else has prepared. At that point, my main ‘12 Week Goal‘ was to stay alive and not […]

  • A New Freelance Hope In The COVID-19 Crisis

    How has this epidemic changed you? What are you doing more of in this crisis?How has your business changed? Where is it going now? Share in the Instagram comments here. Before we get into this.  I need to point out these words are by a healthy white man living in London with enough money to […]

  • How To Market Your Coworking Space In A Coronavirus World

    OMG, who the hell is selling in the Coronavirus downturn? Well, hopefully, a lot of people as we need to keep the economy going. Which is completely different just profiteering from it and ambulance-chasing. marketing I’ve been keeping a keen eye on how people are dealing with marketing and communication, the language in use and online […]

  • How To Gear Up Your Business Best In The Covirus Shut Down.

    Just because the World is shutting down, it does not mean your business has to. Hard as it may seem right at this moment in time, there is plenty of good work to be done in the downtime, so you can come back stronger than ever. Are you on Linkedin?  Have you seen the onslaught […]