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It Was The Best Of Times It Was The Worst Of Times

Holy snails balls Batman! I’ve only been at the Coworking space near my home for a week, and my whole mental energy has shifted. It is my ’15 minute city”

Fear, velocity

My Fear Of Letting Go And Escape Velocity

So I stalled out for a few weeks writing here. There has been a massive positive change in my life and work. BUT I feel like I’m balanced on the

I have a new role! — is that enough of a headline?

So, reader, last week moved at 100 miles an hour. European Freelancers Week hit 60 + online events including THE BIG one – Coworking and Coliving Conference (CCCSEE) which over 380 people


How to write some words on your website

So there I was chatting with Carmen from Urban MBA who will be writing for our London Coworking Assembly Website.  And she asked me, “How do you want me to write?” So


What Coworking And Collaboration Mean To Me

So I went for a walk with my son this morning. We had to get cash out the ATM and needed to do it before David Beckham came to give

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