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Attention Independent Coworking Space Owners looking towards 2024

Is your coworking space idling in neutral when it could be accelerating in the fast lane?

Bid farewell to the constant challenges of managing your space and the perpetual quest for profitability.

It’s time to roll out the red carpet for your coworking space – it deserves nothing less!

Are you an independent coworking space owner navigating the economic maze of 2023?

With an avalanche of responsibilities and an ever-tightening budget, running your coworking space can feel like juggling flaming swords while riding a unicycle on a high wire over a pit of hungry alligators.

But here’s the good news: we have the solution you’ve been searching for.

Introducing our exclusive VIP Day, custom-crafted for dedicated coworking space owners just like you.


I had been aware of Bernie for quite some time before I booked in for a VIP day with him. It was very obvious that he knows his stuff, has tons of experience and is probably the most connected person in coworking. It wasn’t until I was talking to other people in the coworking world and they were consistently telling me that I need to speak to Bernie that I took the plunge, unable to ignore the signs any longer.

My coworking space is very unique in that it is extremely small and aimed at women so I have some very interesting challenges. I also have some very ambitious goals that I wasn’t sure how to reach or even how plausible they are. I don’t have anyone in my own network who understands coworking or what I am trying to create well enough for me to be able to ask for advice or guidance. I was hoping that Bernie would be that person and I also knew that if he didn’t have the answer I was looking for he could absolutely hook me up with someone who did.

My experience of working with Bernie was unparalleled. What and who this guy doesn’t know is insane. He also has a very unique way of disseminating his little golden nuggets of knowledge in the form of stories. I’m pretty sure that studies show that we retain a hell of lot more of the information we receive if it is delivered as a story. It also makes it way more relatable and easier to digest.

Bernie was able to validate many of the solutions that I was toying with and in many instances added whole new levels of clarity that had been missing before our VIP day. He gave me the confidence to follow my own path and do coworking my way and always had case studies or examples to lend to the situation that would illustrate how something may or may not work.

Tapping into the knowledge and network that Bernie has built up over years can seriously help you to shortcut your journey to coworking space success. You may be happy to continue haemorrhaging money while you try to figure it all out alone, but my guess is you’d rather collaborate and connect with someone who knows the coworking community inside out. If that’s the case, Bernie is your guy!

Stacey Sheppard

Founder, The Tribe

Your Strategy

Your Marketing

Your Plan of Action

A group of people doing a community building exercise with all hands pointed toward each other

The Struggle Bus is Leaving the Station

Your daily routine might resemble an obstacle course – dodging financial pitfalls, leaping over regulatory hurdles, and attempting to charm a diverse community with hopes they don’t sense the sweat beads forming on your forehead. Every new day could be a new circus act, entertaining, yet teetering on the brink of chaos.

The VIP Day - Your Golden Ticket

But envisage a day where the circus tents fold down and clarity envelops your vision. The VIP Day isn’t your typical seminar. It’s a 6-hour intensive rollercoaster that doesn’t just go up, but skyrockets, bursting through the clouds of ambiguity and offering you a crystalline view of a prosperous future for your coworking space.

A group of happy coworkers posing with Bernie

The Pain Points

Running a coworking business is no easy task.

Skyrocketing Overheads

The burdens of rising rents and increasing operational costs.

Regulatory Complexities

The maze of evolving local regulations.

Security Dilemmas

The constant pursuit of ensuring a shared space remains secure.

Economic Volatilities

The unpredictabilities like Brexit.

Cutthroat Competition

The struggle to be distinct in a market that’s flooded.

Community Fragmentation

The art of instilling unity in the midst of frequent member turnover.

Tech & Infrastructure

The tightrope walk of offering the latest without straining budgets.

Diverse Needs

The challenge to cater to every unique member request.

Bernie sitting at a laptop covered in event stickers

Been Burnt by Online Courses?

You might be rolling your eyes, thinking, “Great, another online course that I’ll half-finish and forget about.” We’ve all enrolled in those courses that promised the moon, only to deliver some moon-dust (if we’re lucky).

Not Another Online Course or Club: The fatigue of purchasing online courses that end up incomplete, or joining yet another club or Slack channel that’s more about idle chatter and less about business growth.

Cue the Fanfare for Tangible Results

VIP Day isn’t a wish-washy, self-paced course but a precision-tailored strategy day focused solely on your business’s puzzle. Envisage emerging not just with plans, but with a concrete, actionable 90-day strategy, framed with weekly and monthly actions, which isn’t going to gather digital dust on your hard drive.

Bernie at the head of a large coworking table with dozens of people

Bernie’s VIP programme – I’m calling it a programme because it’s way more than just a session – has been an incredible experience and super insightful in focusing our business, tuning our voice and promoting our brand. Bernie’s commitment to the project was outstanding and was able to help us with a detailed map of what comes next. He’s also fun to work with and super personable. Especially if you’re getting into the coworking game, having Bernie onside is guaranteed success. If you’re on the fence, get off it now and book a VIP day!

Gemma O'Reilly and Caroline D'Anna Horne

Co-Founders, Breaker Collective

The VIP Day Game Plan


Your Strategy Session

We’ll kick off with a deep dive into what you want to achieve. No holds barred, all cards on the table. This is where we set the tone for the day.


In-Depth Q&A

Bring your burning questions, your gnawing doubts, and your wildest dreams. We’ll tackle everything, from marketing to team-building, inclusion, diversity, and more. You ask, we answer.


Hands-On Coaching

This is where we roll up our sleeves and get to work. We’ll dissect your current strategy, make sense of your goals, and build a roadmap to profitability and success.


Three Follow-Up Calls

The VIP treatment doesn’t end when the day does. We’ll have up to three follow-up calls to ensure you’re sticking to your guns, smashing those goals, and reaping the rewards of your VIP Day.

Bernie talking one-on-one with a client

Worries about Sailing Solo?

Embarking on a transformational business journey can stir the anxiety pot. What if questions pop up post-VIP Day? What if you find yourself drifting in the vast ocean of execution without a lifeboat in sight?

Anchor in Our Ongoing Support

No worries, you’re not just given a map at VIP Day but a seasoned co-pilot for the journey ahead. With three follow-up calls and a vibrant community awaiting in the London Coworking Assembly, we’re ensuring that your ship not only sets sail but cruises smoothly into the horizon of success.

Bernie with the London Coworking Assembly

Bernie brings such a wealth of experience of the coworking industry.

What’s more, he’s been able to bring that expert eye into our business to provide valuable, useable insights into our business.

The payback from Bernie’s consultancy has far outweighed the investment.

Charlie Harris

Co-Founder, Workers League

Ready for the VIP Experience?

Don’t just dream about a thriving, profitable coworking space. Make it a reality. Book your VIP Day and transform your coworking space into a profit powerhouse.

Bernie sitting on the ground by himself looking at his phone

Investment Dilemmas Hovering?

With an investment of £1800, there might be that nagging voice in your head: “Is this the right move? What if this is just another high-promise, low-delivery solution?”

Embrace Your Moment

Unlock unparalleled growth, vibrant community vibes, and the peace of not just overcoming but mastering the chaotic circus of coworking space management. Book a call today – your elevated future awaits with open arms!

Bernie talking and gesturing to a room of coworking influencers
Bernie sitting on the ground by himself looking at his phone

The Clock is Ticking

With just two slots a month, the golden ticket to your VIP Day is a hot commodity. Your opportunity to navigate through the highs and lows with bespoke solutions, unfazed by the chaos, is right here, right now.

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