Give Your Coworking Space the VIP Treatment it Deserves

Tired of watching your coworking space simmer when it could be sizzling?

Ditch the everyday struggles, the membership blues, and the profit nightmares.

It’s time for a VIP Day that changes everything.

Your Strategy

Your Marketing

Your Plan of Action

Your Challenges Become Conquests

Got questions about strategy, community building, or making a real buck from your coworking space? Bernie will help you find the right answers. Whether it’s nailing down the core values of your space or boosting your local presence, he’s here to tackle it all.

The VIP Day Game Plan


Your Strategy Session

We’ll kick off with a deep dive into what you want to achieve. No holds barred, all cards on the table. This is where we set the tone for the day.


In-Depth Q&A

Bring your burning questions, your gnawing doubts, and your wildest dreams. We’ll tackle everything, from marketing to team-building, inclusion, diversity, and more. You ask, we answer.


Hands-On Coaching

This is where we roll up our sleeves and get to work. We’ll dissect your current strategy, make sense of your goals, and build a roadmap to profitability and success.


Three Follow-Up Calls

The VIP treatment doesn’t end when the day does. We’ll have up to three follow-up calls to ensure you’re sticking to your guns, smashing those goals, and reaping the rewards of your VIP Day.

Ready for the VIP Experience?

Don’t just dream about a thriving, profitable coworking space. Make it a reality. Book your VIP Day and transform your coworking space into a profit powerhouse.

Still on the Fence? Try This.

Not quite ready to commit to VIP Day? No sweat. Let’s start with a free consultation. We’ll discuss your challenges and map out a preliminary game plan for your coworking space.

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Topics include sales, marketing, community building, 15 Minute City, inclusion, diversity, accessibility and equity.