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Are you a coworking space owner, feeling frustrated about where your business is going in this fast-growing and ever-changing industry?

Would having the next three months planned out, week by week, so you know every day exactly what you need to be doing to consistently get more people through the door feel a huge relief?

🎯Your strategy.

🎯Your marketing.

🎯Your plan of action.

🎯That’s what we do on a VIP day.

We’ll lock ourselves in a room for a whole day and get clear on your value, marketing messaging, and story, so you have a solid strategy and plan to hit your goals and grow your membership.

Over the next six months, I’ll be doing VIP days in these cities:

🇬🇧 London – various dates in March, April, June, July and August

🇪🇸 Valencia – 8th – 12th May

🇵🇹 Porto – once a month for most of 2023

🇵🇱 Krakow/Warsaw – July

🇪🇸 Vigo – all the days that I’m not somewhere else!

If you fancy getting away from it all, Vigo is easy to get to by train, plane, and boat.

(From March 2023, there is a direct flight from Stansted to Vigo from £25 one way.)

The food in Vigo is fantastic, and there is plenty of space for one-to-ones or team meetings.

VIP Day Pricing

✅The final price will be £2K

✅But I’m doing the first few bookings for £1.5K

DM me for more info about my VIP day, how it works, and what it will help you achieve.

Photo by Stefano Borghi – Coworking Europe Brussels 2016 🇧🇪 💚