How To Market Your Coworking Space In A Coronavirus World

OMG, who the hell is selling in the Coronavirus downturn?

Well, hopefully, a lot of people as we need to keep the economy going. Which is completely different just profiteering from it and ambulance-chasing. marketing

I’ve been keeping a keen eye on how people are dealing with marketing and communication, the language in use and online stunts, in the last two weeks. 

In that time, it quickly got to the point where the last thing I wanted in my email was another lesson how to work remotely or to hear ‘our number one concern as a company is the safety of our….’ 

Or while I walk around our local supermarket chain and every five minutes they announce ‘we’re are doing everything we can to serve you during the coronavirus.’

And I mean EVERY five minutes. 

Side note: For some no bollox advice on remote working lookup Pilar Ort and Lisette Sutherland. 

I’ve learning how to be a remote worker from them since 2012. Check out Pilar and her podcast at Virtual Not Distant here and Lisette Sutherland here.

What does a marketer do?

Smart and hilarious Mark Ritson wrote this epic opinion piece, and I’m with him.

Get the fuck on with it rather than spending time on labels, press releases and comms.

Read the full post here: Forget about empathetic emails during the coronavirus outbreak and start making your brand money.

Don’t get me wrong; a lot of my friends are writing incredibly useful stuff to help people deal with life at this time. 

And your marketing doesn’t have to stop just because there is a pandemic. As they say “distancing doesn’t mean disconnected”.

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