Working out loud 4.1 – Steven Pressfield: Overcoming Resistance Part one.

Ok so now I am a day behind. I am not feeling so Super Hero. 
I have like, 10 minutes to writ this post and zoom out the door to get #babybernie.

I hardly saw him yesterday and I can’t wait to see him!

Also what is it with 2 year olds that they HATE getting dressed? The way he screams sometimes makes me feel like a Nazi concentration camp scientist sawing into a live body while calmly taking notes.

Yesterdays update did not get posted and now quite conveniently it won’t load. (I’ll get this later).

Yesterday started really well, then I did two podcasts for my Sharing Economy Radio which were energising and fun to do but also left me needing a rest.

In the afternoon I was totally stuck, my body crashed and I fell asleep at my laptop – much to the amusement of everyone +@Work Hubs – I did think I was lucky to wake up with both eyebrows still in place.

I spend all afternoon stressing about budgeting the next few weeks and marketing Bernie’s Blogging University I have been stalling this for two weeks now. I made the right decision of starting it in January 2014 not November and a few speaking gigs have come up that allow me to dive even deeper into the content of the course in another setting – this is good. What is not good is sitting in front of my computer nearly dying when I have work to do.

This is THE Resistance full force (as described by Steven Pressfield above) I recall a few months ago when I sat down with my friend Colin to write out an event process I was falling asleep at the table.

It is not even a joke, if I was trying to do something impossible or out my league I’d understand, on both times I am doing something I can do in my sleep (well I can’t) and I come right to the moment and my body shuts down involuntary.

This week I have been reading “Choose yourself” and “The accidental creative” (I’ll add the links later) both talk about focus, rest and making space. Many of what they suggest I am doing already, more importantly they helped me decide to cut event more out, to ruthlessly machete even the nice stuff that gets in the way.

It comes down to blogging and podcasting – that is it.

I am going to publish part two later.
I have to run now!  

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