What Do You Wish Other People Knew About #Trello?

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“What do you want to know about Trello?”

You would think this would be a good question to ask:

“How to connect Trello to slack?”


”Does it work on mobile?”


Like this


“Yes it does”


The Real Tough Trello Questions

The REAL juicy areas are revealed when we ask people:

What do you wish the people you use Trello with knew about Trello.


“I wish Maggie would put links in cards rather than upload the file.”


“Basia always starts a new card for features instead of adding them to an existing card.”


Rajesh is the ONLY team member who archives a card properly, I wish the others would do this.

The Best Part About Trello Is

Nils and I spend our Trello work time in very different places.

Nils is leading small teams of developers while I am with other Freelancers making web content or workshop projects.

No one ever taught us how to use Trello, we just worked it out for ourselves.

The best part about Trello is how it is a blank canvas and you can do what you want, it took us a while to appreciate that, so with this post and the workshops we run in our coworking space we are out to help people “find their Trello voice.”

How We Can Help You

Type your “Trello wish” in the comment box below this post.

Or you can email us here if you don’t want to be public.

When you leave us an answer we can write a blog post or answer the question in a future podcast so you can share the answer with your teammates.

Acts Of Love

Just to be double-double clear — this is an act of love — not a “Trello bitch session” 😉

I’m in, take me to the questionnaire!

We’d really appreciate your help sharing this post, especially in the freelancer, coworking, maker, content creator, collaborative dudes-type areas of the world.

Thanks for reading Bernie & Nils!

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7 thoughts on “What Do You Wish Other People Knew About #Trello?”

  1. -I would like to learn how to get teams to use the “voting” feature. I think a lot of debates could be avoided by simply voting on cards.
    -Want to know if there are templates for particular purposes, like a layout for a magazine vs. a startup. (I.E. Going beyond the “doing” and “done” layout)
    -want to know if there are effective tutorials in OTHER LANGUAGES for teams working across non-EU languages (Can Arabic speakers use trello alongside English)?

  2. Thanks for asking!

    I wish I knew the best way to sort my “brain dumps” into Trello. My ultimate goal is to be able to sort out my ideas easily so I know what to write about for my next blog post.

  3. I wish people knew how easy it is to use Zapier to send tasks from Trello into your Google Calendar. I use Trello as a Kanban board and whenever I move a task into the “Doing” column, it enters the task onto my Google Calendar for the date it is due. Works great!

  4. I wish people knew that you could remove the first uploaded image from being the ‘cover’ of the card. Fine if you want an image, but annoying that they’re often left there as default and make the board all hard to digest!

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