Why I am not quite as sharing economy as I could be….

So we arrive at Heathrow and there is no Piccadilly line. We then scramble for buses, trains, taxi’s and push bikes. Amazingly hiring a car is cheaper than a taxi but the hassle at the other end is not worth it.
We are now on the train to Ealing.
Why did I not leap on one of the 50,000 gazillion sharing economy transport services?
We had the same thought while away, I’d love access but don’t know where to begin.
We would have organised a Zip Car but they have yet to expand to my road, which by the way is now full of people renting their rooms to Airbnb people.
(I’d love a Zip Car spot, then we can rent our place out and included a Zip Car on the driveway.)

Enough Zip Car – back to the chase.

Tomorrow I am off to San Francisco and I am gripped with fear about finding somewhere to stay for the one night not covered by my trip.
Silly me.
What sort of fool harps on about the sharing economy without making full use?

I co work via KindredHQ, leap into a City ready to hunt down coworking spaces, hells teeth I can’t wait to show off my Google #chromebook.
We swap all our baby clothes, equipment and of course recycle everything we can.

When it comes to travel and accommodation I have hit my Achilles heal.
When I get home I am going to work out how I would have got out of Heathrow this afternoon with five adults and a baby on the sharing economy.

Maybe we all have “our bits” of the sharing economy that we use and need to leave some bits to what we have always done.

The next time we head out for a trip as a family the revolution will be couch surfed! (We have been looking at that already)

Over the next month I must look at ways to walk the sharing economy talk more. Transport is one everyday thing to look at. People who “eat there own dog food” always get my respect more. Likewise people who recommend something without using it are waiting for a poke in the eye from me……

Indeed one of the more attractive aspects of this way of life are the people you connect with.
Car sharing a trip you take on a regular basis could only lead to good things, I say this with confidence as co working with people is by far the best move I have made, everyday I punch myself in the face for not showing up to Jelly, KindredHQ or another group earlier in life.

There is a fear of the unknown in a lot of this. How many pages of Shareable.net do you have to read before this seems like a good idea? (I am on about 3000 Btw).

Lecturing at people, (which I try very hard not to do but somehow I am prone to – feel free to stop me if you catch me) is not the way to do this. In fact I don’t really want a world revolution. I am not sure society works like that in the age of the Internet, it is about people doing their thing and being connected.

Once it seemed like a good idea to have gazillions of people on your Facebook page – this is “mass mentality” not connected mentality, which is far more precious and vital.

Must dash – my train is coming!

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