How To Use Trello And 750

Wow, do I feel dumb.
For the last three years, I have been obediently logging into 750 Words every day to dump my head in there.
It has changed the way I deal with life, sparked ideas and significantly increased the speed I write at.
Best of all it has rewarded me with the type of happy discipline I craved all my life.

So why do you feel dumb?
I have spent more time than I am prepared to share here copying and pasting text into other apps and lists.
750 words is a place I make the most connections between people, projects and ideas.
I am sure I have spent HOURS dicking around with plugins to move words from one place to another.

So What Happened
Today without thinking I wrote some stuff and then pressed the Trello Google chrome browser extension and dropped an idea from 750 Words into the right Trello board.
Why have I not done that before?
I stood in our kitchen and gazed out at the rising sun while I scraped around the inside of my brain to see if I could find an answer as to why I’d been missing this obvious trick in my daily practice.


Trello And

The Action Step
So I nipped over to Trello and made a 750 words column in my main Trello board.
As I carried on writing I added cards to this column that I could sort out later.

How does that help Bernie?
I was long ago scarred by this Buffer Blog on ‘Decision Fatigue’, the gist is we only a certain amount of energy to devote to make decisions every day.
By dicking around every day on where I am going to save the items I want to take action on I am draining that well of energy.

You sound a little bit too excited about this Bernie

Hands Up! I am over the moon about this. I have just started week seven of my “12 Week Year”, to which I have committed deeply.
Now it has got this far and I am killing it, and being killed I am ok with writing a bit more about it.
By paying attention every day to my routine I have started to notice the gaps in it.

The is my reward of doing the dumb thing of reading the same book every day for 12 weeks……

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