• My Attitude Of Gratitude At Getting Being Sick This Week

    I’ve been thinking a lot about organising my workday this week. The only thing that makes this a bit odd is that I’ve been lying in bed with COVID as I think this.  Of course, COVID is nothing to be smiling about, and I know I’ve little to fear compared with other people who get […]

  • Trust is Why I’m Not Using Your Amazing Product Or Service Today.

    Hey, if you are reading this, it is more likely I sent it to you directly than you found it on the web. I send this to everyone who hits me up via text, LinkedIn, email or another way to invite me to a call or pitch me a fantastic product or service. Instead of […]

  • How Saying No Will Make 2022 The Best Year Yet

    From the start of COVID in 2020 I’ve been through one of the most challenging times in my career.   The challenge was not the economic uncertainty, health risks, global pandemic or the stuff you would think. I went through my toughest emotional cycle of change yet.  And got kicked out the other side in the […]

  • The Best Coworking Space Management Software: Updated

    Archie App vs andcards vs Cobot vs Nexudus vs Office RND vs Zapfloor   A year ago I made the statement that: “Coworking is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason.” Which, based on the data from this Allwork article proves that I was right.    In 2021 coworking has a forecast growth of 21% […]

  • Why is blogging more important than ever in 2021?

    Why do you need a blog in 2021? People have asked me a few times if they needed a blog in 2021. No, I am lying. No one ever asks me that. But I wish someone would ask me because I’m dying to start a conversation about why you needed a blog in 2021. You […]

  • How I beat Lockdown with a 12 Week Year and 15 Minute City

    So I was looking at my 90 Day Challenge workbook and getting all excited about the BiG FIVE. When I started this round last Challenge of 2021, it was to generate attraction for my workshops.  I’ve already sold one, so now I can rest up for a week.  The last ’12 Week Year’ of 2021 […]

  • 8 Big Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing Strategy 

    The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions email marketing is spam. But if you think about how much time people spend reading emails every day, then you might realize just how powerful this channel still is.  And in spite of the pandemic bringing turbulence to businesses, emails have returned to the forefront […]

  • Finding My Voice (Again) To Help Others Find Theirs

    I wonder what to write here like I’m stuck and need to get going. I’m staring at my computer in my kitchen, thinking I need to post something, and I don’t know what to write. The next 90-Day Challenge is up today in the Make Your Mark Community, and my mind is blank. Again. Well, […]

  • Why I Love Our Podcast Meet Up

    We’ve been kicking ass with the Podcast and London Bloggers Meet Up‘s online and in London over the last few months.  I’ve been on since 2008 and I love our podcast meet up and bloggers meet up, but we do need to think of another title! These days, we’re helping people find their online voice […]

  • SE Ranking: 3 Reasons to love this SEO tracker.

    I am using a variety of SEO tools and plugins to help me get a better grasp of well — SEO. One of these tools is SE Ranking.  This app has made SEO tracking for me seem like a breeze. I only have to add my projects and click on the tools and features it […]