Top Ten Intern Tips

What do you want Maria to leave with?

Tomorrow the @90mainyard crew, #supercoolwife and #babybernie say goodbye to Maria, her next stop is Stockholm to hang with the Bassett Hounds and Jon Buscall to do some grown up work.

It has been a joy introducing Maria to people here in London and Liverpool, we were lucky that so many good things like Ouishare Events, Echo Event, Mark Shafer and the Pitch Day for National Business Awards with HRH Duke of York happened in the week she was here!

As I weep onto my keyboard here on the train I am thinking what do I really want Maria to take away?
You should not make people do things – no advice has ever saved my life – and the more someone has made me do something the less able I was to think and the less likely I was to do it.


Below are 10 things that have crept into my day over time.
They started to work and have ended up staying. Most of them I really enjoy and they have helped me build discipline, creativity and confidence in myself – best of all you can do them in any part of the world and no heavy machinery is needed……..

I have included a link to the person who I picked up the habit from – in most instances I can tell you when and where I was standing when I heard them tell me.

1. Write 750 words a day. After 6 months you will have written 136,875 words that is nearly two books or a couple of PHD’s (Buster)
2. Take a photo at a set time every day – just for you no one else. (Buster)
3. Be mobile – master a few apps and then learn how to use them on every device especially mobile. (JP)
4. Ask for what you need and be prepared to accept a no, then move on. (me)
5. Be quiet, ask questions, you’ll learn more and are less likely to miss your que. (Clive James)
6. Skip watching TV. Read or listen to a book every fortnight – every week if you can. (Mitch Joel / Seth Godin)
7. Sleep and rest you’ll get more done when you are awake. (James Altchiner)
8. Pick ten blogs / people and focus on following them, you will see them grow, fail and succeed – read or listen to them for one hour everyday. (Julius Solaris)
9. Make yourself write down ten ideas a day use something like Evernote – by the end of the first 6 months you will have had 1,825 ideas – give these ideas away to help others (James Altchiner)
10. Take care of your own shit first everyday – then you can be there for other people the rest of the day. ( Joint effort between Sri and Jareed)

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