Bernie’s Three Best Coworking Things To Do In London Every Week

A longstanding super power of mine has been getting people together, I am pretty sure ‘networking’ is over or maybe the people I hang out with to assign more purpose to their time.  

Either way, I want to get people together and do something other than slam tequila and fend off business cards. 
Another factor is that my ‘tribe’ is a mix of people from freelancers, micro-businesses, big scary corporate jobs and everything in between, a unifying thing for them all are a lot of side projects. 
I have always loved connecting people and over the last year, I found the best way to connect people is to throw them all round a table to get on with their work and see what happens. 
This has developed into these three weekly sessions below. 
With this mix is intended to remove the doubt about showing up would be worth it, also for people to be able to drop in and out to connect with each other. 
They are all free to come to, just be ready to take part and connect with other people. 
If you scatter gun the room with your shit business cards and pitch everyone I’ll get my pet dinosaur to pee on you.  
Some sessions will be over subscribed, or I am not around so they won’t run – just pick a date that works for you. 
Click the orange boxes to save your place, this will add it to your calendar and give you further details. 

#Trello Drop In Session Every Wednesday @90mainyard – Hackney Wick
Ok so I LOVE doing this and I am sure I learn more than the people that take part! Nils and I started this weekly session after standing in the 90 Mainyard kitchen helping people use Trello. 
– 10am – 11am
– Small group
– Ask a Trello workflow question
– Help others with your tips
There is no charge but you must book below

Open #Coworking Day Every Thursday @WorkHubs – Euston
On Thursdays, I take part in the @Work Hubs open coworking day, (this is the only time I go into zone one in London!) 
Just bring your laptop and join in. It is great for catching up with the old #TAGtribe, OuiShare, London Blogger Meet Up and New Media Europe people. 
– Chat with other freelancers and independent workers 
– Or stick your headphones in and work!
– For coffee – there is a Nespresso Machine and for snacks, there is fruit bowl, naked bars – just make a donation. 
– Often we all go to lunch together and you are welcome to join, even if 
– There is no charge but you do need to book below and if you are only showing up because it’s free you are missing the point. 
There is no charge but you must book below

“Right Club” Writing Group Every Friday 10am – 12pm  @90mainyard – Hackney Wick 
Start With The Why
Every day I have to write and post content, yet sitting down to write seems like the hardest thing in the world. 
Amazingly we found other people in our coworking communities who have to “put stuff on their website every week but don’t know when to write it.”
This will work for you if you write all the time, want to finish some web copy, or are trying to get going blogging. 
So we invented Right Club. 
Every week in the meeting room @90Mainyard we create an atmosphere like a library and write non-stop for two hours.
Then we chat about our work over lunch at the kitchen table, you need to bring your own lunch or go Food Truck downstairs. 
There is no charge but you must book below

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