I think I am ok now…. and other bits

At a quick glance I could seem much more exciting than I really am, the last few weeks have been zooming to Lisbon for the European Coworking conference where I stayed in the Copass Camp with 30 other ‘coworkers’ from the Copass community.

Then back to London where I am part of the team delivering the OuiShare Summit #6 which is split between Echo at London Legacy, 90 Mainyard, Verge Bar Brick Lane, Grub Club and Work Hubs in Euston and tomorrow the final Day is a Bar Camp / conference at Google Campus! A day later #Babybernie, #Supercoolwife and me are off to Argentina for Christmas.

Yoga for people who can’t be bothered…

Asking for help and being connected to what was going on was hard and sometimes still is sometimes

I have learnt that it is a good thing to take sometime out to meditate or just write in order recharge, this is energising.

At Copass Camp a small group of us would start the day with mediation and yoga for an hour – AN HOUR! Being quiet and stretching for AN HOUR – I promise you this slows down the day and sets up up better than a Red Bull ever could!

Chemotherapy to shave my head?

Of course I’d LOVE you to think I am jet set and exotic, really I am waking up, taking #Babybernie to nursery and spending an abnormal amount of time looking at a screen.

In the thick of it of all I suddenly realised I felt I could think and was connected to what was going on. Non of the waves of melt downs in my head and feeling fearful of what might not happen, what people would think and everything else that comes with a big dose of depression.

I have been feeling better for a few months now and with the the demands and displacement of running around and organising events, chasing sponsorship, venues, finding accommodation and for 60 people and a helicopter in London with a small budget I would have imploded like a ballon this time last year.

For most of 2012 and 2013 everything seemed dark, alone, exaggerated and my preferred response was extreme to cope with the situation, I managed stopped short of having chemotherapy rather than shaving my head….

Last battle of depression war!

I hate Christmas and being Argentina in the sun and not in Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex is better than any mindfulness and meditation for my mental well being.

This feels like the final step my successful depression battle, 2015 is going to be my year of maintenance and growth in the last few weeks I have been delighted to find myself getting excited and about to get involved in amazing things and have stopped myself and instead said – “the best way I could help you with that is to podcast about that with you on Beyond the Business Card or OuiShare Radio.

One more thing….

“OuiCamp!” Google Campus London 09:30 – 4:30pm

What’s on the London Collaborative Scenario? Tuesday 9th December at Google Campus London. RSVP for free here.  eventbrite.com

We have been given a bigger room at Google Campus for the last day of the OuiShare London Summit.

We have been able to add 20 more places to our Un-conference tomorrow at Google Campus!

What will happen?

Something like this..

People from Start Up, Corporates, academics, freelancers, policy makers and instigators will all gather.

After a hello we’ll write on post-it notes and then move around in groups and talk about what is on the post-it notes.

You will connect with other people and be able to talk about projects and topics that mean something to you.

The overall point is to defragment and connect the OuiShare network in London and meet other collaborators – we’d love you to join in!

OuiShare is growing in Europe and Latin America, Africa and Asia and London is one of the most important cities as people from all over the world meet here and connect every month.

This is the last day of the OuiShare London Summit and people from all over the OuiShare Community at in London to connect and collaborate. RSVP here

Reflections on Copass Camp

Round up of our Copass Coworking Camp in Lisbon.

London Summit by Bernie

Let’s get ready to rumble…… The full agenda and comments.

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