The London Team Part 2 with extra weight

Getting the backing from the community on such a project has been so pleasing, so many good comments and well wishes has made this a joy to work on, but getting the message out to London is a tough challenge you need the heavy weight of our social space to help with this If only we had the massive support of @LDN and @Londonist.  In my view the 2 social goliaths of this city.  Well not only are they BOTH supporting the London superswarm attempt but are fully partnering with us to make sure we spread our message far and wide.  This backing is far more than we could have ever wished for.

If by chance you do not know these 2 groups, then let me explain


@LDN is by far the biggest influence in London’s twitter scene on capturing what is happening in our city. @LDN keeps over 55,000 twitter followers informed of what’s going on, London offers, news, travel and the breaking information to keep the city moving. They also share a huge amount of follower collected information with the whole group, if you know something cool about London then let @LDN know. 


@londonist is for the hardcore London set, exploring every angle of London, this is about what keeps london ticking, the graffiti artists, the secret tunnels, the history, the art, the maps, the best places to eat, review’s, the good, the bad its the only place for that deep down and under the covers London.

Their reach will massively increase our message spread and bring the chance of success to the guarantee we need.  Watch out for their own London centric posts about superswarmLDN.


If you also did not know @londonist is not just web/twitter experience they are also now sharing their knowledge via foursquare itself, so if you want the best London information add them as a friend to get the best insight to locations

Thanks guys for your support i think the badge is within our grasp.


2 thoughts on “The London Team Part 2 with extra weight”

  1. Well done! Both @LDN @londonist have long been favourites of mine. They are a both a great choice for getting the word out there about this event.

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