The Late Show Wifi, Beer Taps and chairs all in one venue #LLBS


We just wanted to do a quick share about the Late Late Breakfast Show venue.
For a long time we have been looking for a home and we think we have found it. Actually all places we have been are run by the same company.
For a long time we have wanted to get into The Long Acre, why? Simply because the wifi works. Not only does it work but the router is in the same room! Look at all those people busy on their laptops!
On Thursday we went on site with Felix from Tiger Sonic Records and did a “tech map” with James the venue manager. James was very helpful, knew what he was talking about and even spent time with us! Wow!
There is a happy hour from 5pm – 8pm and the main Late Show action is from 6:45pm to 7:45 on the night.
So when you get to the Late Show on the 15th March please be ready to share photos and tag them, check in on foursquare, and join in the fun online by using the #LLBS hashtag.

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