#TAGtribe Blog – Thank you Howard Mayes


Today we are inspired to offer a few words for our friend and TAGtribe member Howard Mayes.

We have just got back from saying goodbye to Howard, over 300 people attended Howard’s funeral, many had travelled from across the UK and postponed meetings and made time to pay their respects to this remarkable man. 

Howard suddenly passed away over the Christmas period. The inspiration for this blog comes from the amount of poignant comments people have made on line and in person, even people that only knew him a little bit.

In January 2011 it is astounding the number of people in a room that Howard has put in touch or introduced to that group – the best part? You would never know he had. Howard got things done quietly and gently he was dedicated, trustworthy & indispensable. He was a linchpin in many of the groups he took part in and contributed to; also there are companies and partnerships thriving today as a result of Howard’s introduction.

It was delightfully hard to have a conversation with Howard without him glowing with pride about his family, something many have commented on. This also was present in the loyalty he showed in his other relationships.

Howard was particularly thoughtful, by listening to others he was able to work out how best to help you, if he had not have listened and remembered so well he would have not known how to help you!

Howard valued other people’s relationships, he would not introduce everyone to everyone instead he would put you in touch with the right person and this was not always for business, often it was something accurate and personal (or golf)! 

This very loveable guy was an essential and yet very humble connecter who set a standard, acted very true to his self with gentle wisdom that avoided the cheap laugh or the quick sell at another person’s expense. Instead Howard always had a realistic suggestion, example or direction that you might move in or was ready to learn something new with you; this was a result of his experience and authentic love for other people and life.

Thank you Howard – for everything. 


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