Social Measurements, Feedback and Formulas? #TAGtribe

One person cleverly asked Neville Hobson about the social measuring tools that are out there and how important they can be to your business. Did you know that you can be chosen for a job down to your score? What do you think about this? Is it making it less individual and more “fake”?

Shelley Fishel noted that we use these tools when we are sold to or told someone is an expert in a certain area. Would you use a social media trainer if their Klout was below 50? 

The same goes for the openness of of customer feedback – it is now everywhere and if you don’t respond to good and bad customer responses then this can bode badly for you.

The world of business is always changing and ensuring you are using these tools to your advantage but also being open to new suggestions while remaining authentic is key to making you stand out from the crowd.

The tech makes it happen, you then have to obtain the trust of people to show you are listening, transparency is no longer nice to have. there is no formula but you need certain things to achieve success, don’t pretend to listen, make your actions open to the outside world, without authenticity you may not get the respect you deserve. It’s things without which you can stop being seen as real – there’s no formula, you need to be yourself whilst also making the consumer “happy”.

What do you think? Do you look at your contacts measurements and feedback on social sites? Will it change who you choose to engage with?

Image by Lloyd Davis

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