“Showing up is 80% of how you Community-cate” #llbs


We say showing up is what counts these days, 17 zillion followers online? Great if you are Jay-Z, Barrack Obama (who) or Apple because that is appropriate to their relationship with their fans and customers.

Our question is how do you communicate with your community? There is a very strong case to say that we live in an ‘engagement economy’ perhaps you might want to interpret this as ‘engage with someone and they will enter your economy.’

People that show up consistently in times good and bad, online and off line are what we call “get it” people here at TAGtribe. People that can maintain a relationship that is consistent, who engage often, naturally earn a place in your sphere of influence. Because they market themselves by earning your respect instead of selling at you therefore you remember them. That is why when people who show up out the blue either on or off line asking for stuff get really surprised when it does not happen, they don’t get that they don’t show up enough.

So when someone asks ‘who do you know who?’ You don’t have to think for ages, you just know, even better you want that person to do well because they have been with you for the long haul.

Millions of followers do not build community; it might impress naive investors or Neanderthal marketers who still believe that ‘e-mail lists’ are where it is at, send enough emails someone will buy!

What builds community is showing up, listening and participating – you could call this relationship marketing. The real money is in collaborations and partnering, not sales these days. Work out your ROI as return on involvement, this is where the fun is – ask any decent network, not just ours.

What is TAG Tribe?

The TAGtribe community is about connections, collaborations and resources, membership is two monthly events. TAGtribe then helps members organise their own mastermind group. It is un-networky, un-conferency, un-salesy, under-priced and not fun at all, it is very possible you might meet someone who does the same work as you. The Late Late Breakfast Show is part of TAGtribe membership or £10 a head if you just want to come along when it works for you, this event rides again in September 2010.

Read about next Tuesday’s SME event here.

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