Ship it and the power of less.

Two things happened this weekend.
One I filled in this “Ship It” book, I found it on a book shelf while cleaning my house. I was also listening to Leo Babauta “the power of less” (which is number two) as I polished away and was amazed at how many things in the book I am very confident I do. Don’t me too impressed there are many I still need to get a grip on!
I always work with a very clear desk, I strive to only look at email twice a day – indeed I am down to just a few – and we eat well. Too much but we eat well.
I am certainly happier as a result of adopting some of his recommendations.
Next was filling in the Ship it book. The idea of the book is that you answer all the questions in the book about your project. It won’t save you but it quickly identifies your road blocks and fears. It was delicious to be able to fill it in so fast, I need to go back and fine tube most of it but the joy came in being really fired up about something and ready to confront my shortcomings and be confident about asking for help from the people around me.

Gotta go! Gotta Ship this blog 🙂

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