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SE Ranking: 3 Reasons to love this SEO tracker.

I am using a variety of SEO tools and plugins to help me get a better grasp of well — SEO. One of these tools is SE Ranking. 

This app has made SEO tracking for me seem like a breeze. I only have to add my projects and click on the tools and features it has. 

This app provides comprehensive SEO tracking tools that helps me track and manage all the websites that I handle.  And it provides as accurate real-time data as it can. 

The fact that it is easy to sign up and add your projects in SE Ranking, manipulate the interface and track all your projects in one place is already a big thing for freelancers that need to track multiple websites at once. 

And here are the 3 main reasons why I love using SE Ranking: 

1. SE Ranking is a Cloud-Based Software.

You don’t have to download anything to use this SEO tool. All you have to do is sign-up and you can readily add your projects.

Which is really great since I don’t have to download and install this app whenever I switch from my PC to a laptop. I can access and track my projects as long as I have an internet connection. As a freelancer this is definitely a plus for me.

2. SE Ranking is an All inclusive SEO Tool

When I say that SE Ranking is an all-inclusive SEO tool, it actually is. It has a suite of tools that can help you rank better on your SERPs (search engine result pages). 

It also lets you see data across search engines like Google, Yahoo, Yandex and Bing! You can even choose which country you want to track your SEO performance in. 

– Website Audit

This is one of the tools in SE Ranking that’s exciting for me. I can finally track and check if the sites I manage in regards if it is optimized and what else I can do.

SE Ranking website Audit crawls your site pages and provides you an in depth report on how your website is doing in regard to SEO. It calculates the Health Score of your site based on how many issues there are like how many H1 tags you are using, identical titles, duplicate content, and the number of redirects you have. 

With this data, it enables you to see which approaches and strategies are effective, as well as the best steps you can take to boost your website. And you can download the report in PDF as well if you need it.

– Keyword Research and Suggestion

Are you looking for keywords that can increase the popularity of your website? If that’s the case, SE Ranking’s keyword suggestion feature is just what you need. 

Enter a keyword, domain, or URL into a text field. Then, watch as the tool generates a list of keywords for you to start ranking for right away.

Keyword research allows you to see what are the best keywords you can use for your sites to rank higher on SERPs.

Another feature of this tool is the keyword grouper. It basically makes keyword research easier for you. It also saves you time by providing you subsets of each keyword you are working on. 

This is one of the features that SE Ranking has. It lets you track backlinks not just on your website but your competitors’ too.

Backlinks is an important SEO practice and having a way to monitor which links are working and not can affect your visibility as well. The higher the numbers of inbound links to your website are, the higher you can rank organically on search engines. 

And that is why I love SE Ranking because it lets me monitor every backlink, if they are working or broken. It helps me find them easier since it also shows the URLs with the broken links. 

– Competitive Research

This tool allows you to see how your competitor is doing. You can also see their paid and organic traffic, their keywords and 

3. Their Pricing.

According to SE Ranking Pricing list, you can avail this All-inclusive SEO tracker for as low as $18. But of course you can’t enjoy its full features. However, they also have a plan calculator where they charge you for only what you need. 

Even with the most basic plan, you can crawl as much as 25,000 pages using their website audits and as much as 250 keywords. And with that, you can build a solid strategy for your SEO. And that already gets you a long way, in my opinion. 

In my opinion, SE Ranking is one of the best keyword tracking tools that you can use for your website. It offers flexibility, provides you accurate data and analysis and costs less than your average SEO tracking tool that can only do half of SE Ranking on their basic pricing plans. 

They offer a free trial, take advantage of it, play around with it and see how it makes SEO easier for you. 

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