Relationship’s are the bread of life – how do you make yours?

This blog post was motivated by three key things, Otto Frank talking about his relationship with his daughter, our mate Darren getting married and me reflecting on the nuggets I have learnt from you people in the last few years.
We hear about relationships all the time and often in the context of business, networking groups are always banging on about “THE RELATIONSHIP”, I really think that relationships begin at home. Most of my friends who also are ‘in business’ take their home relationships very seriously they can see that one cannot exist without the other and if you need to choose there is no question, you choose the business, whoops sorry I mean the life partner.
It is five years since I managed to get Super Cool Wife to allow me to whisk her down the aisle, it all seems a blur now but all the special people that helped make that day, actually days because we had a wedding in Argentina and a wedding in the UK, are still by our side.
I hope I have grown, I feel I have. If I met the Bernie who ‘wooed’ Super Cool Wife first time round I would have a few tips for him. All joking aside I would tell him to listen more and make an effort to really truly hear her more in the first year. It is a cheap ‘n’ easy joke to deliver about ‘er in doors always moaning’, and sometimes I do, really Super Cool Wife does not actually moan.
What she owns is a massive consideration for other people’s feelings that is far more alert than mine, it just took me a while to hear this and now amazingly she moans less.
So people, if you were going to set up camp again or start a relationship with your partner be that a wife, husband or civil partnership what tip on relationships would you give yourself? Maybe we can save Darren years of learning!
Please share your wisdoms in the comments below. I know lots of you have a true gem!

(This originally posted a few years ago) 

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