OK, Let’s Get Going!

OK, Let’s get going! It is high time to reboot my weekly newsletter, I know you have not called to ask me where it is, but it works so well for keeping connected with you, I miss it. And You. 

I like the way you hit reply, ask me questions and, as much as I hate using email, I love reading your answers to this email.

Like hit reply and tell me ‘What are you reading this month?’

Getting Knocked Sideways

I have a tremendous urge to moan on about where I have been, but I’ll spare you that.

The headline is that so many people hit reply to my post about How I Beat Depression In 10 Easy Steps (That Only Took Five Years) I got knocked sideways.

I felt like a pop star who has had a fluke hit song and now has to have a follow-up tune that is even better.

The glimpse into so many people’s lives about their own mental health struggles made me swallow my tongue in fear of the can of responsibility I’d opened.

Also, the kind and supportive words from you were kinda mind-blowing and humbling too. Thank You.

In the end, the whole thing was the biggest blessing ever.

Avengers Assemble

I am looking to shake the level of my drama, leave the self-imposed struggle behind and get my blog moving at full capacity this year.

The last few months have been the best for AGES, and I’ve found my voice and groove.

All that fine tuning and reading about scrum and deep work is paying off.

I’ve bumped into so many good people over the years and never entirely known where they fit with each other.

At the end of 2018, they all seemed to show up at the same time and clicked.

It felt like Avengers Assemble, this peaked at Coworking Europe in Dublin where the OuiShare Radio Write Club was born (See Below)

Watch the Coworking Europe Video Here!

Where My Energy Is Going

Most of my energy has been on OuiShare Radio which is only a few months away from publishing a podcast every day.

The topics are the future of work, London housing crisis, cryptocurrency, peer to peer and co-ops.

We also have another podcast called Write Club where Trevor, Cat and I help people get their blog moving every week.

You can listen to the first episode here.

We’ve gathered twenty-five members of the coworking and freelancing movements from around the world.

These twenty-five folks will document their thoughts, values and work about being part of a collaborative workspace.

Over time these words will inspire and connect others building their own projects.

And we have live recordings planned in London at Herman Miller in Holborn – stay tuned!

More content creation.

Every week we run London Bloggers Meet Up here @Work Hubs –

We listened to the asking customer questions course in the ‘Fizzle’ online learning community and came with a new weekly format.

This Meet Up will work well for you if you are a freelancer or micro business, or you are working on a website to launch a product or service.

The format is:
We write for an hour.
Then work on a blog topic, like SEO, keywords, WordPress ‘stuff’, editorial calendars and whatever else comes up.

Ahmed led us through how the Yoast app will make us a better article writer with its learn-as-you-go method read about it in this post here.

If you are reading this and have a website that is stagnating come and join the weekly #Blogclub here.

The most prominent request we get from the Meet Up is an evening meet up on SEO, so we are working this out

Andy and I have a series of evening events brewing and will be sharing them soon at the meetup.

10 Years On MeetUp.com

This February marks my 10 year Anniversary on MeetUp.com and I have never enjoyed it more.

We run a Meet Up every weekday here @Work Hubs, with 10-15 people attending growing their own peer to peer learning.

They are free to attend but you need to be active and generous.

Meet Ups And Get Downs @WorkHubs

Not So Manic Monday  Where freelancers and independent people plan their week.

Art Club paint and draw like Brene Brown!

Blog Club (London Bloggers Meet Up) Write and then learn about your website.

Write Club join others to write for two hours solid every week.

London Podcast Network learn how to run and launch a podcast.

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