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Sorry to rant but nothing makes me scream more than people who have one chance meeting with someone big and then trade off it forever, (you know “I was in the Sun, Times, BBC, Songs of Praise”) that is why this is the last time I’ll mention my podcast with Seth Godin.

20130204-154200.jpgThis is where I should say “listen to the podcast” but that is too obvious. What else is obvious is that we are well underway with the “connection economy” it has never been easier to leave your mark on and off line.If your website says “we are a full service firm offering a range of quality services” I am talking about you stop it and start being you! Create some content that connects you with your customers.
Content – what is that?
I am guilty as hell of running round London shouting about content. Then someone asked me what I meant, well it is stuff you stick on your website and hope people will share, or working out how to make your ebook go viral. If you still are making a company brochure and THEN copying it to make a website kill yourself now, if your web designer is recommending you do that kill them and do it slowly.
Why is content so cool? Because people buy you, not your sales line, not your shit close, and certainly not your 0844 number. Those of you who have the guts to be yourself and get online with a few articles, videos and charisma are going to clean up in 2013.Also the better your digital footprint the easier it is for you to be found online full stop.
How do I get found on line?Tools like Hubspot mean you can stop worrying about social media and start really using the web. I love the story of Nana who heads up marketing at Global Plastic Sheeting, hardly a product that is going to set you on fire. She is the wrong side of 40 and did not know what facebook was until Hubspot and now has more time at home, less time at mind numbing trade shows and has increased sales 100% over two years. Watch Nana’s five minute story in here.
Find yourself right now for £99.
Last month I ran my first workshop of 2013, it is all about how to write and create content and stick it on line. The easy part is making a logo, designing the website and talking about people who blog so we don’t do that. The hard part is getting organised and getting pen to paper.The best result of the day one person who set their blog up then and there and has been posting ever since. THAT IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT.All the slick sales patter, features and benefits on the session are here.
So about my podcast with Seth Godin STOP IT! (You can listen to the audio version of this newsletter here)
Have a remarkable day!
Bernie J Mitchell
Freelancer and Chief Instigator at Engaging People
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