Natalie Bennett: Daring Greatly and always in #Beta

Natalie Bennett dived on Radio yesterday so of course she can’t be Prime Minister. 
Off with her head! 
She is meant to be shaping up to pitch to run the country, changing society and challenging the status quo. She can’t even speak.
The guy interviewing her LOVED it, his perverse radio glee was so ripe I thought I was listening to Jimmy Savile being given the keys to Great Ormond Street Hospital and asked to lock up for the night.
As I paced up and down outside Senate House near Russell Square listening to the interview I kept wishing the ground would swallow me up and I was only listening. 
This is what it feels like when you are winning. 
Then it occurred to me that Rosa Parks might have had a lump in her throat when she did not shift seats on the bus, Martin Luther King always sounded strong but he looked like he’d practised a few times, you don’t make a speech like that with out practice. King George VI was CRAP at talking until he had lessons and his ‘coworker’ Winston Churchill had a stammer here and there and still went down in English history as a hero.
The last British politician I found inspiring in any shape or form was Tony Benn and before that Churchill (well you have to) other than that it is all Jaguar cars, suits and self absorbed spin.
The level of hypocrisy and inauthenticity we “miss” in government and politics is amazing Daniel Wickham captured it brilliantly in this post here just after the Charlie Hebdo Paris Shooting.

Where ever I go in the world election posters and ‘propaganda’ usually feature men who look like they are auditioning  for a job as American game show host and have called in the same people who train Ms World contestants for help. The few women in these posters look like they have had a ‘girls day out’ at an 80’s corporate power dressing shop.
If I accidentally have the misfortune to see a politician talking on TV they all seem to look and sound the same. They ALL do that wanky “NLP three rule thing” – you know “Education, Education, Education”

Apologies reader, I have not done LOADS of research into Natalie Bennett, maybe she is an axe murderer, runs a drug ring or her car runs on leaded petrol. Oh and she crashed on LBC when asked about policy, if you missed the interview you can find the answers to the policy questions here.
And to save you looking for it here is the LBC Interview with Nick Ferrari 

“Natalie Bennett was left lost for words as she tried to explain how the Green Party would pay for their new housing policy.”

I’m still with Natalie – I don’t know if  Natalie could run a country she probably won’t have to this time, as much as I’d LOVE her to have that problem.
She is a journalist who has become a politician not a public school boy who has become a politician and she does not look the same as everyone else. In fact crashing on Radio has made her even more human, accessible and vulnerable, after this I feel Natalie is more Brene Brown than ever.
I was watching Natalie’s keynote at the Green Party conference and – heaven forbid – she stuttered on a few words.

On a good day I am as charming as hell and can hold a crowd, ask me about any number from my shoe size and telephone number to what gross profit and loss is and I seize up and crash.
I have done this on more than one occasion, it is painful and you feel super stupid because it usually turns out that all the people in the room with you are Cambridge Maths Phd’s.
In the 20th Century we were all led to believe that being a huge and confident talker was the best thing to be.
Maybe it is not.
Susan Cain makes a good case for this in Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. After reading Susan’s book it started to occur to me how the amount of programming that happened to me in school to be ‘out going’ ‘a good debater’ and to have ‘good people skills’. Of course it does help to have these skills but being “sent to shame” for not jumping through hoops on TV sucks.
If you follow me on line you might have guessed I am going to be voting Green in the next election.
The first time I voted in my life was last year and I voted Green and then Labour, I was motivated by “not wanting UKIP to get in where I live here in Sunny Essex.
“All those bloody foreigners” in our road are our friends and make up the community.
Have you ever noticed that racist people are the really angry, frustrated and narrow minded people in society?
Westminster is teaming with politicians who all talk nearly the same words in the same accent, in fact I am convinced they have all been trained by the same PR firm.
When they start to talk we get a gut feel it might be bollox yet still accept it, we even criticize it and still do nothing about it.
I am more trusting of Natalie because of her “inability to perform on demand” than the other party leaders. In fact crashing on Radio makes her human and vulnerable.
After writing this blog and reading more about politics than ever before I’d just not bother doing TV and Radio interviews. I’d be after the huge amount of people who don’t vote by using social media, You Tube, blogs, and connecting at local events. TV, Radio and the press are a complete circus with their own agenda.
As snotty as it sounds a large chunk of my network don’t even own a TV or subscribe to the press – because the whole lot is full of bias, agenda and ego, we read blogs, listen to podcasts and Spotify and watch Netflix.
It seems quite dumb to think a TV debate about running any country in a thirty minute show is worth it.
After you have squirmed at her LBC interview above listen to Chris interview Natalie below, it is longer and far more accurate.

Photo Credit: @documentally

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