LinkedIn – YAWN

Sorry kids.

I am pretty much done with LinkedIn, in fact the main reason I keep it is because it is easier than a CV. (A what?)

As an aside… I am amazed at how many agencies and tech companies who are on the bleeding edge it ask for a CV. Even for contracts and projects – what year is this?


I was going to start this post with the opening line:

‘I am often asked by people in my network when is the best time to update social media?’

I am sure you would know I was lying and trying to look important. No one ever asks me anything like that. They ask me where is the money I owe them, why am I late and not to sit there.

The question ‘what the £u<k do I do with my Linkedin page?’ Does pop up in my Slack feed. (So I better find an answer to that or the game is up for my ‘internet guru’ status.)

I did notice that I am ‘connected’ to 3500+ people LinkedIn. I was going to send them all a message saying “Thank you for being connected to me on LinkedIn!” – But I had to cut my toenails and swallow broken glass.

I had to stop my self from being a real smart arse over the holidays when I found my LinkedIn inbox.

Yes I found my LinkedIn inbox! It was full of insincere ‘greetings’ that were so crap I thought it was 2005 and I was on Ecademy.

Am wrong? Do you relish an out the blue message to say “Happy new year! By the way if you are looking for a website and or a printer let me know! I’m only a click away!”

I had to wipe my sceeen with Swarfega‎ there was so much grease on my screen after reading it.

Where was I? Below are a few posts to guide you – not guarantee you – when to post to LinkedIn. I asked Fancy Hands to look them up for me so they are all from the last few months, not 2005.

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