Just for the record…

I have just have to write something today. I am on a train, it is ear split-tingly early and I was meant to be asleep. In fact I have an hour before I arrive and I really need a nap.

However travel is energising, I am looking out the window at the country rushing by and my brain won’t stop working.

Part of it is that everyday this week I am doing a talk, they are all different settings but boy have I got lots to cover!

I am really, really looking forward to them all, mostly they are around the web, tech and education, the people I am “sharing the stage with” are some of my favourite people and I have noticed a massive difference in the zeal with which I am approaching them.

I have prepared each one, but I have no real intention of sticking to the script.
I am going to ask lots and lots of questions, I just think people learn more that way, so many speakers speak “RIGHT AT” the audience.

One of my talents that is getting sharper as we podcast is “riffing” and the skill of “riffing” comes from the insane amount of research that goes into each podcast and blog.
Please don’t feel bad or too impressed, I love it! I am so hungry to hoover up information and make the connections between people and subjects and arguments and where things are going and where things have come from.

There is a little team of people poking and polishing the podcasts that makes them sharper and sharper. The real key is we are all keen to be constantly learning. Just for the record – I think that is what makes it so much fun! 

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