Just another 30 day blog challenge… #17

This is the opening line and the one that shows on facebook so it better be good! Hell’s teeth batman! Ok I could see how you think this is two days in a row I have skipped, but really it is one. Why? I am on the way home after clearing my head into Trello and Mindmister.


This means I don’t have to come up for air until Monday, well Sunday night. I am on the N25 “down the Ronford Road” we have just passed “Grafters Agency” which is on the right as you head towards sunny Ilford.

What a day, the pace as certainly picked up this week. The weeks before were a blur and a punch in the head. This week was a calm fight and a God fight.
I am going home very late, by choice, knowing I am totally planned for the week and ready for what is coming. Next week I am going to happen to my week.
Too many times in the past few years my week has happened to me.

I have also found a balance that has eluded me for years this week.

Yesterday (Thursday) I Jon and I did podcast interviews back to back. Far from being exhausting it was energising.
Even though I had a long and busy day I felt calm and relaxed.

A few weeks back when Andy and I were working on the Google event I had the same feeling of satisfaction.
It was epic fun and truly great being able to get so many people from our projects and Meet Ups together in one room at the same time.

However, I did find it mentally draining and certainly not in a negative way. It was a little like being at your own wedding were you know everyone in the room but the don’t know each other.

I am off until Monday now, so you are going to have to hold your breath to find out what happened when a group of super models came into 90 Main Yard listening to Joe Cockers leave your hat on…..

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