It’s not all rubbish being depressed

So a cool thing happened today, I have been really really really struggling for a few days.
Therapy on Monday wiped me out.

Sunday I felt like someone was mashing my brain even though I spent the whole day relaxing and having fun.
Saturday I deliberately unplugged and did nothing, by 5:30pm I was falling asleep standing up and could not talk.
Friday, well Friday was so crap I think my brain has deleted it.
What was cool today? It started like hell. I pushed on, then spoke to a special mate and they asked what gives me energy.
They simply said “only do the things that give you energy.”
(Ok so I still have I wash up and do the banking)
Choosing the “energy giving things” – blogging, podcasting, dancing and singing with Super Cool Wife and #babybernie to Lola’s Theme and Moonage Daydream wards off the “death bots” that make everything seem exaggerated or impossible.
Doing energy giving things will be the way to beat this. I am on medication and having therapy but it is taking responsibility for the small actions by myself everyday where the bullet stopping powers lie.
Having depression is crap. Learning about yourself in this context is both painful and massively rewarding at the same time, so it’s not all rubbish being depressed!
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