I cheated on my wife. I need to come clean.

I cheated on my wife. 
Over the last few weeks this blog has been a place to bear my soul and I think it is only right to be totally honest with you. my reader.

I have been stopped in so many areas of my life recently as I learn to live with this injustice.
I am behind on my own blog, launching my web course, making the show notes for London Bloggers Meet Up and doing the washing up.

I lie awake at night in a cold sweat.

How it all started
I am still trying to work out how it happened, February 2005 I was standing in the Rynek in Krakow with my mate Nathan and Lorena appeared, she said something about football and I was defenceless, mainly because I know nothing about football.

She was the first person to leave me really speechless for a long time, if David Bowie had walked past at that moment I would have said, “I’ll be with you in a minute Dave, wait over there.”

By the end of September 2005 I was standing in Buenos Aires a married man.

Where it started 
Somewhere on this blog is something about me in Poland in 2004, I wrote about it for travel writing at university, I was hoping it would count towards my “history of stand up comedy” module but sharper wit was needed.

So #Supercoolwife and I have this thing about Poland, Polish food and Krakow in particular.
It is where we both found a version of ourselves we really like, after that we found each other and liked each other.
I was still unsure how to find anything so at least #Supercoolwife had the guts to demand a kiss, or I’d still be talking about Zoolander quotes and MP3 music file transfers while she looked at her watch.

Back in London we’d hunt down Polish places and share a little meal together to remind us of Krakow.

What happened?
However, recently I have found another partner to eat Pierogi with.
I have found that my new “partner in pierogi” is ready to eat at nearly any time of day.
We order a plate to share, we hold hands, we read to each other, they laugh at my jokes and life is perfect.

We were fine until I got home this Saturday.
I let it slip that I had been eating pierogi with someone else. We were both in it together and before I knew it the damage was done.

I think she coped really well. I knew instantly life would never be the same again. I’d known in May 2011 that life would never be the same again, it had been building since then.

In love with food
By now I hope you have worked out that I have been out eating Polish food with #Babybernie without #Supercoolwife, that is how I cheated! (In fact it is probably less of a crime to wake up in a hotel room with a stripper than the food thing.)

It turns out that #Babybernie can DEMOLISH a plate of pierogi in minutes. In fact once we went in and ordered two full portions and we both ate the same amount.

Why is this sad? 
Of course it is not sad, this is just anther silly blog of mine, if you have got this far thanks – sorry for the
headline and leading you in.

One of the best things we do as a family trio is eat.
We make an effort to all sit down and eat together, these are some of the simplest and happiest moments together.
(Trumped maybe only by “The Twins” coming round to share.)

When I first became a Dad many other parents said to me “they grow up so fast” – “they’ll be gone before you know it” – I always been aware of this. As he gets older I am keen to pay more attention, to have these moments to stare at each other and see who laughs first. We are not going to waste our time shouting or going to war with him, well unless he eats the last pierogi that is……

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