How does the term ‘Community’ apply to YOU? Speak your mind here…

So there I was, sitting at the bar getting all excited about ‘this community’ when my conversation partner says – “you just made me think – it’s not a community.” 

 Exsqueeze me?

I was so busy ‘spilling my candy in the lobby’ about community (honestly, if I could have picked up the phone and ordered a punch in the face for myself I would have) I was not really hearing the possibility in the project.

To me it HAD to be community before it could function. Maybe it did not? It needed to move, evolve, be an airport something transient yet purposeful.

So reader, I married him, well I didn’t but I do need your help…

This is not one of those trite crowd scoured contrived adverts for something thinly disguised as a blog. 

It is a real question – one which you might have an opinion on rather than an answer or solution.

Of course  – I champion community. However, thinking back over my day yesterday I am worried if I had to pay to use the term ‘community’ I would have ended up with bill like Oliver Reid’s bar tab.(hence the pic)
So, what is a ‘community’ to you?

To prompt you…
Do you want to sand paper someone eyes when they say the word?
Is it the new ‘proactive’ in business speak?
What is your community like?
Are communities going the way forward?


Speak your mind here…. 

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