Why You Should Listen To Me About Productivity (Even Though I Am Crap At It)

Now is exactly the right time to post this blog.

Which I thought was not the right time because there is a silly little part of me that wants to make you think I know what I am doing.

Nil’s and I are working on a productivity e-book and the best insight into the e-book is how we deal with our own productivity.

Needless to say, Nils always will have the upper hand as he is a developer and it is of German origin.
But that is why I am so amazingly good at productivity as I have always struggled with making ideas happen and staying focused.

There Is An App For That

I mean I don’t get much more done than the average person, I am not rich, on my fifth unicorn or full of stock tips – but I AM fucking good at knowing how not to get distracted and not to get depressed.
In the last five years, I have learnt more about myself and how I work than any other time in my life.
That is through trying nearly every app available in the chrome store and Apple Mac store that has even the faintest scent of getting stuff done.

This is how I arrived at apps like Trello and MindMeister and Google Keep.

Knowing vs Not Knowing

When people say what are you good at other people joke he is good at recommending apps and I have always struggled to find the business model in that.

NOT Knowing how to get a grip on life like “normal human beings” has demanded that I take the long, messy and tricky way through every workflow, role and task that comes my way.

This, of course, has left bus loads of former coworkers, lovers, family members, teachers, doctors, lawyers and shop assistants bruised and devastated over the course of my life.

I am sorry, it was not me it was the lack of available technology and not just because I’m an asshole like you thought at the time.

And The Point Is?

Which leads me back to my original point. I am working out my next move, my next project, or rather the topic or theme.

The people I pay the deepest attention to are the open and honest people, the leading learners, the vulnerable and working out loud people.

I was tempted to write “NOT the people” but I am hell bent on being positive by avoiding negative karma – I know that sounds a bit tree-huggy and woolly – but it matters to me.

And in the spirit of openness, my mind has gone blank as I have to leave here and post this. Catch you next time!

Thank you for reading!

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