Finding the time to think – harder than you think?

My mate Nick called me from a cab as he was speeding towards the airport this morning. He really does give Sir David Frost a run for his money the amount of time zones he covers armed with a camera each month.

It has been great to see Barney and Nick grow Causal Films from the back of a mini in the desert to a huge team with offices in London and New York.
Nick has just taken a week off to cycle from  Land’s End to John o‘ Groats and we were chatting how getting away from it all really energises you and increases creativity. On the way you are sure you are going to die but you always make it 😉
I have done five marathons in the past and the sheer effort of taking part and training always more than pays you back.

Last year Nick and I attended a talk by Scott Belsky in London about Making Ideas Happen, this book continues to influence my working practice and more and more I am looking for periods of complete space and disconnectedness to let my creativity flow.    
In April 2011 Leo Babauta visited London Bloggers Meet Up and shared about “the power of less” two of his key tips were about getting up early to create the space to think and also going running. By getting up early I am able to think and then be fully “there” when #Babybernie wakes up, trying to work and hangout with him is nuts and also time is so precious as our children grow up. 
So inspired by the video below and the Public Enemy song I have been running and ALL MY BEST IDEAS occur or come together there, I am very good at making connections between people and ideas – the run seems to speed this up and put them into action.
If you want to do me a favour make sure I run! It’s harder than you think…..;-)

Also last week Raplh posted the video below on his blog it completely sums up my feelings after the games. Life is urgent with making our dent in the universe, creativity, family and making ideas happen. 

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