FFS Don’t Stop Marketing! And how to do that NOW!

Have your feet even touched the floor this week?

The air surrounding us is bleak with uncertainty and everything seems to be in a standstill.

And ‘homeschooling’ and ‘remote work’ has left the realm of progressive parents and digital nomads to become the new normal. 

And it seems that people treat contacting the Corona Virus comes second from how everyone can get through this- economically.

How communities arise out of the aftermath 

My mate Tom was due to come to London a few weeks ago to screen his documentary ‘The Response.’ 

It is about communities and coming together during, and after a crisis, this is where I’d encourage us to look. 

I’d say this is the time to be working together to support each other more than ever.  

A few posts ago I wrote about all the communities I am a part of, for learning, growth and moral support – I’d be dead in the water now if it were not for these people.

The Assembly Call

In the London Coworking Assembly, we run a daily call at midday for space owners and community managers to connect and help each other out. 

Every day there is new information about support for businesses and also information that applies to members of coworking spaces.

Plus this is great for keeping our mental health in check; this is an incredibly stressful time for everybody. 

People who run coworking spaces are sorting their businesses out and supporting members too, at this moment in time,  their risk of burning out is higher more than ever. 

Light at the end of the very long tunnel

There is uncertainty ahead for everyone. Maybe you are about to open a coworking space, or you have been going on for a decade.

As bleak as life this week is, I cannot remember a time when governments have been so alert and responsive to the businesses sector. 

Maybe you don’t know what you are going to do yet, if you are going to keep going you then you should keep going. 

When the time comes for ‘the new normal’ the people and business who built an email list and thus built a sales funnel are going to come out the other side of this mayhem fighting. 

I certainly don’t mean to sound flippant, but you can either spend the next few weeks:

Sitting around watching Netflix

Cry into your pillow non-stop 

Do nothing and hope a long lost Aunt dies and leave you her fortune. 


Cry into your pillow for a bit (£u<k me this is a stressful time, let it all out) 

Watch a Netflix movie to chill out – I’m loving the car chase in 6 Underground and then get on with communication for your business. 

FFS Don’t Stop Marketing!

And how to do that. 

For the love of a ‘higher-being’ don’t stop marketing! 

I know that sounds mad to say at this moment in time, but when the money starts to flow again, NO ONE will know who you are. 

My mate Marcus saved his company in 2008 by marketing his way out of it – read here On Cutting Your Marketing Department and Budget During Tough Times.

You don’t want to be running paid adverts on Linkedin about in-person meeting space and coworking like WeWork

(I’m sure this an error on their part!)

Sales Funnel equals survival. 

You do need to think about keeping in touch, and a sales funnel. 

At this moment in time, a sales funnel is an email list. 

You can make money, save you money and time with some of these LOW-costs ways.

1. Low-cost online training for you and your team

Business Made Simple University is a group of online course’s from the authors of StoryBrand book.

Here you’ll learn how to build a sales funnel, make a lead generator and create an email list. 

They are adding new courses on running teams and building your company. 

Cost $275 a year – (that is around £225) – visit BusinessMadeSimple.com and register for the very inexpensive online platform. 


There is a code on page 51 to get a buy-one-gift-one offer, allowing you an extra seat for free if you have a copy of the new Marketing Made Simple book,

I would print it here, but that is terrible marketing karma. 

Stop Googling everywhere for ‘how-to’ or signing up for random free marketing webinars. 

Commit to Business Made Simple University and get a simple, grown-up understanding of how to market your business all without being sold to all the time. 

2. Do you have a WordPress Website and email list?

If you have an email list AND have a WordPress Website, I’d recommend swapping to MailPoet for your email newsletters. 

It is what I’m using for all my websites now.


You will get lifetime access to Mailpoet for from $49 for 5000 subscribers, on unlimited websites   You can check the deal here.

Mailpoet is WAY more straightforward than Mailchimp.

Mailpoet shows up in your WordPress dashboard, and this is one of the things I like best about it. 

Organizing my posts and social media is a breeze as I use Coschedule and it can be a part of your WordPress dashboard too.

By being part of your WordPress site, it means you have to log into it more often, show it love, and it becomes part of your day. 

I have always found it is too easy to forget about your website and not go there for days on end, even though it is the online shop front for your business.

You pay a one-off fee of $49, and that is it – for the rest of your life – Check the deal here

Full disclosure – I get a kickback at no extra cost to you when you buy Mailpoet. 


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