Eating people – this is where is begun….


Really I am very ashamed, I started writing this travel and food blog years ago and have actually posted less than there have been ash clouds in that time. Actually if I ONLY wrote a travel and food blog I’d be as happy as shipwrecked sailor in a brothel with an Amex card. The blog would have to pay for all the travel and food of course – the issue is not that a desire to be rich, it is a desire to travel everywhere. Also, as those of you near me will know, I can’t stop eating and that is an expensive habit to have!

So what has that picture got to do with food and travel? That picture has EVERYTHING to do with food and travel – it is where this blog begins.  

 The L&B poster was made by our friends six years ago when “Super Cool Wife” (SCW) and I got married in Buenos Aires. Now everyone who collaborated on it is married or about to be and we nearly all have children! My shame is I am just getting round to posting the blog about it!

You have to know that poster always gets me; I carry a copy on my keychain and when I first saw it in the window I thought it had been printed. This is because Gabby, one of the collaborators, is a designer and one of his biggest accounts is designing shop fronts for a ‘make believe’ electronics company. I was touched people had made the effort to design and print it. Then later in the night I walked up to it and realised that it was all handmade with every little flower and letter lovingly cut out and stuck on, it suddenly meant even more.

This is what our travels are like, we (I mean me, SCW & #Babybernie) NEVER buy in bulk – I hate mass and off the shelf – our journey is made up of tiny segments and contributions from so many people from all over the world. Small cups of coffee there, special homemade sandwiches here and far to many people round a small table over there.

This blog was really started years ago; today I start posting all of the writing from the last six years. Don’t be too impressed, actually it is not a HUGE effort because I have been keeping it hidden all that time and I have hardly shipped! Really I think it is my best work, it is what I am most connected too and what I write about without thinking when I should be doing other things. Like my main blogsite the driving force is the connectedness that is available to all of us by getting together, sharing and enjoying the real ‘us’.

This is my journey as I am “falling towards Argentina”

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