What on earth am I doing on this blog?

If I wrote out all the amazing ideas, strategy and content in my head for this blog on napkins they’d surely make a pile big enough to cushion the landing of a small elephant from falling from space. 

Please don’t ask how an elephant got up there in the first place.

Anyway, I digress. 

And this seems to be the problem, I digress. I have declared myself a writer, blogger, podcaster and keeping a state where my attention is maintained is a challenge.

For example, so far in what I am writing right now the dominating thought is this…

I remember at school Mrs Dunnings shouted something about not starting a sentence with the word ‘and’ and here I am doing it.

And I am going to do it again. What murders me is all those people I never meet talking about my work they’ll never see. I know this is complete bollox but I still allow it to stop me on a daily basis. I have noticed that I ‘forget things’ like to post a blog everyday but I spend all day thinking about what to write.

To combat this

I have arranged my day to put the things that count first these are meditation and writing and of course eating! (

Over the last couple of months I have developed these into habits, but instead of everything working better and life being all sunshine and perfection when these two habits got up and running it revealed the lacking of another habit – actually posting something on here.

(You can imagine my surprise)

I forgot to – that should be I “FORGOT” as in I blanked out about posting.

This is not the end of the world, in fact it is great. I am very happy that my awareness has gone up and my ‘Bernie lying to himself’ has gone down. No one gives a shit if I post here, apart from you of course.

So when I don’t post here I am stopping myself moving forward, being very good at the things you do is important. So I will save time by writing more and developing my “my writing muscle”. This is already in play, with over 250,000 word written on 750words.com I think faster, write faster and laugh more. Now that is out the way I am able to move to what else needs attention.

This blog here

This blog is not ‘lead generator’ I spent so much time working on calls to action and inbound marketing (or what ever it is called this week) my head freezes over when it comes to my own website. It blog is my connection tool, if anything this is where I share ‘stuff’ and direct people to for finding out how they can connect with others, whether that is technically or in person.

I think the inbound marketing police are going to check my blog and send me to room 101 for not having a side bar or an e-book to download.


This is my digital outpost – the site you are reading now has gone through several ups and downs in terms of what it is. Right now I am most happy with it, in fact I never want to leave this little moment in time of curiosity, rhythm and excitement.

I first ever posted on Blogger in 2008 and wanted to write the type of blog I am writing now, bit of a ‘diary / thinking out loud / how to’ – somehow I have waited until 2015 to knuckle down and commit.

Which is what my point was earlier, some things ‘elude’ me – these are important things like ‘go for a run’ or ‘post a blog’ – more than actually NOT doing them it is the NOT scheduling in the time to do them, and if I do ignoring that the time I put in does not work or is too short.

I have spent a long time learning about wordpress websites, apps, writing tools and project tools and right now my day is dripping in all these tools that I have been learning for a while and now have a way to use them together.

Most of the tools, Slack, Trello, Asana, WordPress, Nimble and Google Apps I started using in their early days and now they are all developed and mobile it is a joy.

So now I am down to this.

The problem is not:

Lack of tools – I have everything I need.

Audience – I have a healthy following on-line and an email list with 900+ people who have opted in over the years.

The problem is fear. My fear and that fear is a liar.

So please hang on with me while I get over this in the next few weeks. I am not sure it will be that pretty to watch….. HA!



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