Dell B2B Huddle @ Microsoft

Mark and Simon listen intently at the B2B Huddle

My Social Media Week London got off to a brilliant start at this event hosted by Kerry Bridge and Neville Hobson.

Ever since Microsoft brought Yammer I have started to glance a little more often in their direction. Then came, (something they could have done YEARS ago – easy for me to say from my armchair of course.)
The day opened with a keynote from David Coplin, Microsoft’s ‘Search Evangelist’ for here in the UK.

I was about to drop a couple of very strong painkillers and sit back ready for a corporate presentation….. instead I was treated to a highly informative hour (which honestly felt like 30 minutes it was so good) where David poked fun at himself as long haired geek IT consultant and Microsoft as a corporate juggernaut. He swiftly navigated through social search, location search and peer to peer recommendations, relevancy, big data and gamification. 
Alongside all this was a small but very true point, our technology experience at home is far superior at home than at work. We are more likely to have better gadgets and personal computer at home then get to work to use a five year old machine with a small screen and windows ’98. 
It made me think that I was never shown how to use the Internet, a computer or email – I just picked it up.

Dave also highlighted one of my favorite examples when people dismissively say “twitter is stupid messages”  Question Time AKA @bbcquestiontime – with over 120,000 followers and highly active #bbcqt hashtag – if it was “stupid messages” why do the BBC take time to make it happen and how come so many people take part? 

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