Coworking Symposium

Coworking Symposium 2020: Knowledge needs to be shared.

The Coworking Symposium is going virtual this May 27 at 9amCET.

What is initially a limited number of people, will reach a much wider audience since we are doing it online due to the recent events that have taken place-the global pandemic that is Covid-19.

The coworking industry has been around for almost 25 years now before it was even called coworking. And since then the community has grown all over the globe. 

What started with a hackerspace in 1995 as the precursor of what we know today as “coworking”, with 14,411 existing hubs all over the world.

(You can read a blog post from Deskmag about the timeline of the coworking industry for a few fun facts.)

What is the Coworking Symposium all about?

The Coworking symposium is all about sharing the knowledge. 

The symposium will be a half-day filled with sharing information and knowledge about the new trends and developments in the coworking world.

This coworking conference is spearheaded by the University of Economics lead by my good friend Marko Orel and is being supported by various coworking spaces and coworking communities such as:

Who will be at the Coworking Symposium?

The symposium has assembled a group of people to share their knowledge for the coworking community.

Join us on the Coworking Symposium and use the #coworkingsymposium2020 to find us on social media.

And don’t forget to RSVP, it is accessible to everyone as it is admission free!
See you there!

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