Chocolate cake and Getstoried vs Kindredhq

Today we did the Kindred huddle! This is where everyone shares what they are working on and we see where we can help each other out. “Simples!”

KindredHQ goes from strength to strength with every type of freelancer starting to join in and you do have to have a “Mac” to show up.
Running out of time Emily and I (supported by Yiannis on tech) recorded our latest Sharing Economy podcast with Alex (KindredHQ founder) on co-working and how it plugs into the rapidly emerging sharing economy. “What makes a good co-working group?”
“It is very simple – good people, chocolate cake and wifi!” Stay tuned it goes live in the next 48 hours.
From there I raced down to Piccadilly to meet with Michael Margolis founder of Getstoried! He is in town working with Bloomberg and got a few of the Getstoried community together for a quiet drink and chocolate cake.
It is alway so interesting getting a group of people together to geek out and chat about a specific subject. Especially when they are from a wide range of industries.
I have long believed in the power of good stories to connect people and in 2012 Michael has really helped me work that part o my offering out. It is the key thread that will run through my work in the new year and I am very energised about it, the effort to produce the story is hard but the reward is brilliant.

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