Been there done that! Late Late Breakfast Alumni 2010 – Are you in? #llbs


Imagine just these people in a room together!

Been there done that? 

Guru John Poplini, Jacqueline Rogers, Gary Schwartz, Rod Sloane, Gina Romero, Joe Kelly, Malcom Levene, Bob Pinkett, Paul Wilkinson, James Bridgman, Daniel Esparraguera, Joanna Behari, Steve Trister, Rob Adams, Tom Ball, Gordon O’Neill, Misae Richwoods, Andy Bargery, Roberta Ward, Kristet Valaydon, Lee Smallwood, Mark Shaw, Lena Robinson, Jeremy Torz, Emma Farrington, Jonathan Geitner, Michael Gritnert, Shelley Fishel, Julie Hall, Dave Clarke, Shannon Boudjema, James Poulter, Glen Lesanto, Roger Gorman, Steven Lia, Graham Allcott.

This month another 7 ‘everyday people’ who do ‘everyday things’ like make a contribution –

Click here to play:-

The Late Late Breakfast Show – Episode 9 – ‘The Edge of Heaven’ is on the 16th November 

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