The Dark Art of Toy Hacking – #Sharingeconomy


I have recently been exposed to the dark art of Toy Hacking by the dudes at Exploring Senses.

I am very uncomfortable with the whole thing, yet I can’t wait to have them over for the next children’s birthday party I accidentally have to organise.

The end product rocks, it is creative and full of imagination but a part of me is just not comfortable with sawing up a teddy bear. I have always been way too sentimental about toys, I wanted to include every toy in everything. I fretted about the lego guy with the missing face not being able to see, the soft toy being crushed at the bottom of the pile.

David tells me that most adults feel the same, the have a moral dilemma with carving up a plastic sheep but don’t mind throwing out this stuff and sending it to land fill – odd. In fact until I got here it never really occurred to me, we always send our stuff to the salvations army and recycle but is there something more we could be doing?

– @berniejmitchell
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