It’s All About Me

So that did not work.

Well it did. A bit. I am sitting here thinking that everything has added up to this point and I am glad.

There are some cuts and bruises but everything is awesome and I am not even part of a team.

WARNING: I am writing this at 100 miles an hour on a phone and it is brain dump rather than a work of art – sorry!

There was confusion and a block and something did not feel right.

I blame the meditation and the bulletproof coffee.
I mapped out my miserable little life and also where I am blowing the most time – it was spinning my wheels waiting to be picked.

I have been thinking about this for ages, most people will tell you that I am connecting people.

Not in a slimy Linkedin business card networking for referrals type way.
We are now way beyond the business card these days – you see it is all about me.

Then the penny dropped, the thing I LOVE the most is my Late Late Breakfast Show, the logo, the zest and the stupidity of it all.



Make a ruckus 

I am always looking for licence to ruffle some feathers and have some fun and here it was.

I have been kicking it around as a podcast for a couple of months now and £u<k me am I going to birth it this week!! (August 31st 2015)

In fact it is ready to go and I’ll send it to itunes on Wednesday – you can call me on that.

What is it?

I don’t know, well of course I do.

Some combination of helping others (don’t puke) meeting people and letting others know about what is going on is actually what I am looking for.

My head has moved faster between the handful of podcast projects I am working on, I looked at what I bring to them or don’t bring to them. I also looked at what I kept trying to get people to do and they rejected it and noticed a couple of things that I just could not let go.

Like an obsession with the SNL, Late Shoe, David Letterman, TFI Friday, Steve Wright in the Afternoon (Radio One in the 80’s) – I was always phoning Radio Solent, Power FM, Ocean Sound to ask for a song or give an opinion.

Why did it take this long to find out.

The other bit was the amount of people that said “make the show you want to listen to.”
The LLBS was the event I wanted to go to, not everyone was amazing but everyone was real. It was my reaction to “I think I am big and have book to sell.”

There was the one where 15 people showed up, the one where three computers and the projector bust. It was the thing where when a couple of people were really nasty about it on twitter I got the most hurt and it was the one place where I managed to pull a lot of different worlds together in one place.

Below is one of the first from 2010 – it did not get much better than this.

In many ways the place that all those worlds come together now is OuiShare which is why I am so constantly enthusiastic about it, I need a place to let rip and OuiShare Radio is not it, we’ll still do OuiShare Radio but it will never work if I build it around me which is what I had unconsciously being trying to do.

I should have seen this sooner – but it was all about me.

Making stuff happen is more important and I think it is a zillion times better when it works as a community radio rather than a one man MEDIA CHANNEL

This is why I always liked Mike Smith who was a Radio One DJ in the 80’s – unlike some of the DJ’s of the time he was not an ego maniac, there are so many things he was involved in and stayed in the back ground while others grabbed the limelight.

See you on Periscope at 06:30am for some #LLBS shorts – or what ever I end up calling it. – This is ten minutes every weekday morning – here are the first few – they are HORRIFIC – but I am learning to fly. 

I think that is it. 

More tomorrow. 

You can move beyond the business card with your page or app on your phone for free: here

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