Getting Back On The Horse

So here I am again about to cut my eye out with a spoon.
Every day I get a little bit more behind and then a little sadder.

Sorry, I’ll make this quick.

I am not crying into my milkshake or anything like that, it is just a kick in the teeth, my teeth and I kicked them in.
I am a few days behind with my blog and catching up!

I am on this “blog everyday thing” – how stupid is that?
I mean how long does it take you to write 750 Words?
A whole morning?
About 30 minutes.
So that still leaves you 23 hours and 30 minutes to do everything else?

This could have been a Mandela and Gandhi post-Bernie, they always went down a storm.
No just keep writing and then you’ll be able to think about that later.

What are you going to write this in Bernie?
Directly into your site on Rainmaker or in Grammarly and then copy and paste it across?
You started to write it in Grammarly and not you realise you could have just stuck it into Rainmaker and Grammarly would have worked there.

Every Day People
See what I go through every fucking day people?
And that is just posting a blog.
What is even worse is after all this meditating, healthy eating and being self-aware I am, well self-aware.

On of the perks of being really depressed was that I could watch 17 hours of Netflix and be numb to the passing of time and block out my ability that I could just get up and change everything.

But now! I have spent time working the how what, why and everything to make podcasts, blogs and emails that zoom. I have accepted that I am learning and don’t need to know everything.

In just a few weeks of blogging every day, apart from the last few days where I have not posted anything, I have enjoyed a quantum leap in self-confidence, focus and creativity.

Listen to Andy Traub’s podcast on “21 Things That Will Happen When You Publish Daily” which I listened to AFTER I got involved in this little blogging charade with Canters, Anwyl and Dodson. The podcast reminded me of why I got into this to beging with!

Andy points out things like, when you blog every day you will unblock the pipe and have even more ideas.
That people will sneer at you saying ‘you want to be like Seth Godin’ – which I have had in the past I had a bash at blogging every day.
ACTUALLY – that person really was joking and it was ME that took it to heart.

Nasty Internet People
People just are not nasty to me, that might be pity or something else.
In nearly a decade of living online, I have had maybe three or four “off moments’ with people, one I REALLY asked for as I was being an ungrateful dickhead.
Another one I asked the guy to meet me for coffee and he spoke non-stop for 30 minutes and then left.
The other two?
They are just unoriginal and amazingly bitter with the world – I could have been a lottery win and a mud wrestle with Kylie Minogue and they would have complained.

Get back On The Horse

The other thing that promoted this “Get Back On The Horse” post is Christina’s post about “How I work“a few days ago.
The gist of why she committed to a coworking space was to knock out the decision-making chatter she’d endure every day.

Shall I work from home or a coffee shop or maybe a library today or I could get lunch there or maybe I could make lunch and then buy a coffee and then go to the library and then work from home or make the lunch at the library and then go to the coffee shop and then come home for a coffee that I could……… (That is not exactly what she wrote but that is how I read it!)

I know what she means
It is easier and more productive for me to write something and put it out there and then go and cry in the corner for 10 minutes and then get on with my day.

I am this far into the post and very happy with the last 672 words of drivel and have made a host of connections between what I have been reading and what I am working on, so I am off to hit publish a few hundred times elsewhere!

Best of all – I feel alive again and that only took 24 minutes.

Go and click all the links to people in this post, read their stuff and join in with them – I love them and their work.

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