It was late when I got back to the office……

 90 Days of Massive Action #2

It was late when I got back to the office at 90 Mainyard. There was an eerie calm to the place and all the lights were off.

At the back someone had left a desk fan on, I heard a bump and saw the office cat scurry across the floor.

I moved towards the fan to switch it off, as I passed the blue meeting room I noticed someone sitting in the chair at the head of the table.

I stopped. Should I not be scared?

Hello Bernie, want some tea?

Nelson, what are you doing here?

Me and Mahatma came to see how you are on the second day of your “90 Days of Massive Action” BOOM!

He flashed a smile, threw his arms in the air mimicking an explosion and started humming the A Team theme tune.

You’re so funny, I mumbled.

No! You’re so funny! Nelson laughed and then continued energetically with….

“In 1974 a crap coworker was born and sent an assignment to which he did not commit. This boy grew up and promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the London Underground. Today still wanting recognition and change he survives as a soldier of freelancing. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can get him to answer an email maybe you can hire Bernie!”

Ha! Ha! Nelson cried with laughter as he thumped the desk in joy.

Then his face went calm and he said,

Bernie, I know you are a bit worried – but this is nothing compared to other times in your life. Be brave you are scared because you are into something right now AND you have spent a long time learning and thinking about it.

That’s true Nelson. What I am worried about is paying the rent.

Bollox to rent Bernie! I never worried about paying the rent.

Yes, but you did not pay rent for 27 years while you were in prison on Robben Island! It was my turn to laugh at Nelson.

There was a shuffle behind me and I turned to see Mahatma looking at me as he walked into the meeting room.

Nelson, do spare him the ‘I did not pay rent but I paid the price’ line please.

What do you need to do Bernie?

Oh – I need lots Mahatma.

Gandhi! Tell him lots is too much to have to do! Cried Nelson – suddenly looking a little irate.

Mandela is right, Lots is too much to do. The human mind is designed to do one thing with excellence. People don’t land planes many at a time, they bring them in one by one or else…..

I’m too busy! I have so much to think about. I whimpered again.

Have you meditated? Asked Gandhi.

You should sit and meditate for twenty minutes a day. Unless….

There was a long pause from Gandhi.

Mandela clapped his hands and shouted wakey wakey!

Unless….. Said Gandhi again thoughtfully.

I waited respectfully, I was hoping he was going to say something about a productivity app or a friend of his that could help me.

Instead he said,

Twenty minutes a day for meditation. Unless you are too busy – then you should meditate for an hour.

Can I have some tea now Mr. Mandela please?

Have you seen Jimmy Carter this week….?

I closed the door and looked out of the window of 90 Mainyard towards the Olympic Park. I’ve been looking at that park for over two years now and thinking about winning and losing – today I felt like I was winning and it was only day two.

Photo Credit: Darik Smith

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