90 Days of Massive Action #2 (Prequel)

Mandela was pacing the room, he was forced to walk in circles around the small conference table in the middle of the meeting room at 90 Mainyard.

Ghandi was drawing on the white board in between a mind map the developers had left and the business canvas the musicians had left, to Mandela’s annoyance Ghandi was making faces and animals.

Nelson, this one could be a swastika if I rubbed out the number 2 said Ghandi with a cheeky smile.
Why are you so annoyed today? It is not good for your brand if you get caught like this!

Where is that boy?

He is not a boy Mandela, you always talk about him like he is Ferris Bueller – he is a grown man with a wife, child and a mortgage!

He is playful, if he really grew up all the fun would evaporate- have you noticed he has this puritanical side to him? Do you remember when is English professor pointed this out to him?

If he really grew up his puritan element would probably kick in and that would be it.

Ah yes, well he is riding a thin line between self righteous arsehole and promoting a sense of clarity, change and a cleaner planet.

Ghandi, don’t swear – it is bad for your brand.


So he has not checked in for a while?


What a shmuck.

Ah! So that is why we are waiting here?

Where is he?

Hang on! What is with the word shmuck?

Sorry, I have been watching too many Woody Allen movies on Netflix. So where is Bernie?

I watched him on Periscope saying that he had to pick #babybernie up at midday everyday and that getting here to 90 Mainyard was tricky.

So what is he doing?

He is in his local library in the study room.

Smart! Don’t they have coworking spaces in Essex?

No. Just discos, UKIP and shopping centres.

What would you ask him if he was here Nelson?

How his 90 days of massive action is going. He posted on July 14th in a blaze of glory and has not written about his progress since.

He has posted blogs but not a “90 days update” post.

What were the three things he committed to doing? There was a lot of posting but he is not a mailman.

So let’s get him in here tomorrow for a full update!

Or what?

Or what? I don’t know Ghandi, you are not exactly known for violent repercussions are you?

What will happen?

Well it is happening – I see him get to the stage where the guilt eats him and he dives into overwhelm. That does not seem to happen any more, now he shows up in nearly the same hour as he advertised. Also since he declared he was going for it on his blog and podcast he really has done more this month than the last two years.


What do you mean “Shipping”


Pardon me Ghandi, I’m lost.

That’s what to cool kids call it, they “ship

Shall we go? David Cameron is visiting an organic pig farm in Norfolk in an hour and this has got to be a laugh, I’ve never quiet forgiven

him for selfies with ‘Prince Obama’ and the Danish Prime Minister at my funeral.

Danish Prime Minister or prime bacon?

Ghandi, did you just make a meat joke?

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