Seven Groovy Things That Make @90Mainyard my #coworking home

I have been living at 90Mainyard for well over two years now. I found my bubble of coworking bliss via Alex Butlers Kindred HQ Meet Up and have never looked back.

The peace and quiet of this place played a significant roll in me scrabbling out of depression and into embracing podcasting and blogging with enthusiasm of a sailor in a brothel with a credit card.
These are a few things that make 90Mainyard the best coworking venue in London – that is by an Olympic Park and canal.

1. It has a full gym and basket ball court.

2. The garden is huge and great for meetings, workshops and meditating.

3. The Burger Van – (Jazz Specials and Bacon Sandwiches)

4. It has its own music bar and canal-side restaurant.

5. The Olympic sized swimming pool – beat that!

6. Last of all the weapons grade nitrogen boosted intergalactic Internet is switched on this weekend.

7. I suppose I should say the people here are ok too – just in case they read this.

If you come and say hi bring some herbal tea to add to the collection.
Don’t feed the hipsters on the two minute walk from Hackney Wick Station, no need to feel guilty – the hipsters are looked after by local support groups and Katie Hopkins.

– The 90 Mainyard Blog is updated here every week.

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And of course that amazing photo is by my mate Stefano! 

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