Working out loud part 4


This picture is a sneek look into our Ouishare ‘Clean language and Collaboration’ workshop with Judy and Neil. What has this got to do with working out loud? Two key take always for me were around feed back and ‘why are we here?’ I stress and stress about asking for feedback and giving it. Some […]

Why I’m loving Vigo


I am in that place again where I don’t want to leave but can’t wait to get back. It is amazing to come away and not feel like I am escaping life, I have never understood why people work 50 weeks of the year and then blow a months salary or more on two weeks […]

So I just had to get a post out!


Sitting at a railway station… Well, I am not actually – it is just the song in my head. I have just about managed to stop feeling that my world will fall apart at the end of the next hour. That feeling left a few weeks ago and I am here in Vigo sitting outside […]