Life is what happens when you are making plans


Ok, so hands up I am having a a few hours of post traumatic birthday stress. This time ten years ago I was lying facedown on the concrete by the pool at our villa in Ibiza trying to remember what had happened in the last 48 hours. My friends had treated me to a night […]

Lunch at the Agora Collective Berlin


We got to the Agora Coworking space in Berlin around midday, it was a slow day and the sun was beating down on the backside of the road. I looked at the small archway with a huge gate that made up the entrance, already there was something gooi about this place. The grand collection of […]

Head melting, saying no and staying alive.

Sat no

I have just got my breath back, now this. The end of 2012 I had a mental breakdown and felt like I had been in a tied to the underside of a roller coaster at peak time at Disney Land. Being tied to a roller coaster is fine – it is the being in Disney […]