Just another 30 day blog challenge… #18


Well that was a tricky day. If you google ‘Black Dog’ you will find (eventually) a whole load of stuff on depression. Winston Churchill referred to his bouts of depression as ‘being followed by a black dog’ – if you think about it he probably did have a lot of stress in his life – […]

Just another 30 day blog challenge… #16


I have always been thinking how many dumb things I say to #babybernie and then expect him to NOT follow my lead. I have this ‘thing’ about not shouting at him or loosing my temper, it is hard sometimes but really, what is the point? “Never did me any harm…and I got shouted at all […]

Just another 30 day blog challenge… #15


It was all going so well and then it happened. I woke up and quickly wrote my 750words.com and then headed out for the day. I had therapy and then the dentist with the rest of the family and then went home. Honestly, I just could not face walking across the wind and rain swept […]