You two faced……..! Why is that a good idea?


This Week we are featuring a guest post from each of our Late Late Breakfast Show  Speakers next up is Steve Trister

Why being “Two Faced” is brilliant! 

The art of being “Two Faced” in this instance does not take on the standard meaning of “speaking behind someone’s back”. In this case it’s about tapping into the many facets we all have in our personality.  This is something that as an actor, it’s critical for me to be aware of and a real eye opener.

My love and passion is character comedy, and when I “do a character” like Guru John Popolini, its critical that my awareness is in all the facets that make up his personality, so a totally rounded and believable character is portrayed! It’s crucial to understand the different faces (facets) of the character in being able to give the best performance possible.

What is your best face and and are you giving us your best performance? 

Are you being selfish in keeping that face from us when using social media or elsewhere?

Are you scared to show the other sides to you?

I challenge you to show us a side that has never been see before!


The thing I adore about being human, is that every single one of use has soooooooooooooooo many different facets to our personality, that makes us bloody awesome . 

I’m not suggesting just being “Two Faced”, I’m suggesting , being 3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 faced!

There a lot of one dimensional people out there in the sea of sameness! Give your audience (clients, customers) a truthful, well rounded, believable and unique character that they can connect with and at the same time leave them wanting more.

I think being “Many Faced” is a brilliant, how about you?

The Late Late Breakfast Show is on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.

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