World Of Bernie – FAQ’s 

I got myself into a little bit of very constructive trouble this week.

With two clicks on my phone, I was part of two blogging challenges. 

Day Two of the ProBlogger on is right a FAQ post. You can listen to Darren’s podcast instructions here.

Being a Freelancer, a ‘hired gun, an independent economic agent I don’t have a lot of FAQ’s like an accountant or VP of Product does.

I thought long and hard about these so you had better take notes.

1. Are you on your way Bernie?

I am so shit at being on time. It is a recurring discussion in my weekly therapy sessions and I have read books about it.

A driving reason to choose to do my own thing is I just can’t turn up somewhere a 9am every day.

Of course, this causes conflict all over my life, but I promise you I am not being an arsehole, I genuinely loose track of time.

2. Do you work for Trello? 

No. I am just a lovesick fanboy.

I have been playing with Trello since I first discovered it in the Google Apps marketplace in 2011, I am an enthusiastic user, not an expert, guru or scrum master.

3. When Are You Moving To Argentina? 

(#Supercoolwife is from Argentina)

We are going ASAP and I don’t know.

Me being stuck in depression for the last five years kind of pissed on this ambition. Now my mojo is back and I’m firing on all cylinders it is my responsibility to bump up my contribution to our family’s financial situation so we can have more choice.

“Suddenly” I have been able to commit to learning Spanish after 10 years of being married to an Argentine so I feel more on the way there than ever.

4. When was the last time you hung out with Seth Godin Bernie? 

April 2013, we were both walking to Lisa Gansky’s event near Union Square in San Francisco, I was dribbling so much I think I scared him. When we arrived he elegantly excused himself and was promptly rugby tackled by an enthusiastic Robin Chase.

I have been trading off being in the same room as Seth Godin for the last three years. I’ll stop it now. Sorry.

5. Do you eat anything else other than avocados? 

No. Well, I start the day with a bulletproof coffee and THEN eat avocados all day. In the evening we eat a lot of vegetables and fish.

Yes, I am a pain in the arse to have around when it comes to food.

6. How do you make money Bernie? 

Since 1997 I have been “doing something as a Freelancer” now it has a definition. I first set out as a freelance event manager, then accidentally opened a cafe on a farm, then bought a franchise, then narrowly missed becoming one of those Social Media Gurus.

My consistent revenue has come from blogging workshops, sponsorship for podcasts or events and the content creation element of web projects in tech and Coworking.

Right now that is a very enjoyable work in progress over here @Work Hubs on the podcast and blog.

And I am co-creating an online course on Trello and another one on Coworking and communication.

7. So What Exactly Is OuiShare Bernie? 

OuiShare is a self-organising tribe of people mainly based in Europe and Latin America who think, do, research and put into action projects to build a collaborative and sustainable society.

Highlights include POC 21, Sharitories and the OuiShare Fest in Paris and Barcelona – I am part of the crew that is making OuiShare Radio happen.

I am sure there are other questions!

Hit me up on twitter @bermiejmitchell with your question or comments – try thanks for reading – see you tomorrow! 

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