Working Out. Loud.

This is going to be very very very short and even sweet. 

What is that image Bernie?

It is one of David Bowie doing some Ziggy and has been hanging out in my media files for AGES. It has nothing to do with the post.


I am here at 90 Mainyard trying to get my fucking feed to go into itunes and, well it won’t.

I had four things to do today and I have got two and half done.

When i have done this blog it will be three.


1. Nils and I did our podcast about Trello that begun our investigation into how to get people to use it with their teams. This is something that occurs as a road blog here with people in 90 Mainyard and in other agencies and communities we know.

2. Send my newsletter – results and opens are up and I have cast iron promise to myself to ship this every two weeks.

3. Submit to itunes – more later ;-(

3.5 Was a roll over from yesterday – invent a way of collecting questions for podcast interviews. I made a video and a landing page – here is the result – it is almost too cute! (Not me the – I mean the delivery – at the time of writing over 100 views on facebook and it is only an hour old.


4. Post a blog – this one here. I have been on the way to writing this ALL DAY and it has only taken five minutes to get this far in the text AND I have added a photo, checked facebook and inserted a link. I am pissed that I am still doing it now when I want to be at home and sleeping.

At this exact moment in time I am ok with a late night here and there to ‘ship’ but the later I work the less I ship.

Anyway on that note I am going to make a run for it – AND:

See you on Periscope at 06:30am for some #LLBS eBOMBS – or what ever I end up calling it. – This is ten minutes every weekday morning here are the first few – they are HORRIFIC – but Rome was not built in a day. 



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