Why September Is The Best Month To Get Writing

So I had a friend, and on their wall, they had a poster with the caption “A year from now you will wish you’d started today.’

It would make me roll my eyes; I’m not sure why and that is not the point of the story.

Start a little writing habit

Maybe five years ago, I started using a website that a lot of Write Club members are on called 750 Words, where you write 750 Words every day.

No one else can see them, and you write what you want, no one cares.

I’m up to nearly 2 million words now, by doing a little bit every day.

I used to cry at the thought of writing 2500 words for University now I’ve written more words than there are in three copies of War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. (There are 587,287 words in War and Peace.

I’m glad I started this writing habit, I’ve not published a book, but I have developed the self-confidence to write a lot.

People like us

Through write club, I’ve met authors, freelancers, academics, comedians, marketers, bloggers, developers, event managers, musicians, poets, lawyers and sailors who have helped each other keep going and get unstuck.

We’d love to see you on Thursday and Friday, whether you are getting the courage to start or are sweating because you don’t know how to finish your sixth book.

Why is September 2019 the best time to get writing?

Because September is now!

Write Club is free, fair and alive:

RSVP for Thursday in Mile End here

RSVP for Friday in Old Street here

And of course, a year from now you’ll wish you started today!

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